Internships & Career Development staff are currently working remotely, but we’re still available and happy to answer questions!

Site supervisors and employers wishing to reach out to us about posting internships and/or full-time jobs in Handshake, or discussing plans for recruitment in Fall 2020 and beyond are welcome to contact us at 859.985.3656 or email internships@berea.edu and/or careerdevelopment@berea.edu.

For more information, official updates, and resources about campus policies, cancellations, and closures related to COVID-19, please visit the official campus COVID resources page.

Looking for great interns or full-time employees?

ICD Staff can help you connect with students who have the skills and abilities you seek, plus at least four years of part-time work experience upon graduation! Berea’s self-motivated students come from diverse backgrounds and most have participated in internships, study abroad, community service, leadership opportunities and more!

Ways to Connect

Post Internship & Job Opportunities

Our office uses Handshake (the #1 way for college students to find internships and jobs) to post internship and/or full-time job opportunities for students. If you request to host an information session, the first step is to post your internships and/or jobs in Handshake before the session. This allows us to easily generate increased student and faculty awareness of your opportunities, refer to them in our meetings with students, and help you target your positions to the most interested and qualified students.

New to Handshake? Sign up or email cornetts@berea.edu for help getting started. Scroll to the bottom of this page for more Handshake resources and information!

Virtual Information Sessions

Our office will help promote and coordinate this one-hour event, where you can present to and network with a group of interested students regarding your organization and the internship and/or full-time opportunities you have to offer. You choose the virtual platform you want to use to host the event, and send us the link so we can promote it. If you need assistance or would like to discuss options for hosting your session, please reach out!

When hosting a virtual information session, we recommend focusing on four main things and ending with a Q&A: 

  • Introduce your organization (5-10 minutes)
  • Describe the positions you have available (10 minutes)
  • Who are your ideal candidates? (10 minutes)
  • How do they apply? (5 minutes)
  • Q&A (10-15 minutes)

Handshake Employer Blog: Best Practices for Hosting Virtual Sessions

Virtual Targeted Recruiting & Networking Events

We can work with you on customized virtual events and small virtual fairs targeting certain majors or career interest areas, collaborative events with faculty, and more.

Virtual Interviews

Choose your virtual hosting platform and we’ll help coordinate applications/sign-ups for virtual interviews to make recruiting easier for you and convenient for our students!

Guidelines for Full-time Employment Offers

To allow our graduating seniors time to make informed decisions when considering employment offers, and understanding employers’ recruiting timelines, we ask the following:

  • That offers for full-time employment would allow students until October 12, or at least two weeks from the date of the offer, whichever is later, to accept or decline.
  • That employers consider extensions on an individual basis.
  • That written offers include position title/description, location, benefits, start date, salary, bonuses, as well as any terms or conditions, and that any incentives and/or bonuses remain in effect throughout the entire offer period.
  • That students contact employers directly with requests for offer deadline extensions and any other questions.

Approximately 250 Berea students, representing all majors, participate in internships every year with a wide range of organizations – regionally and nationally – with almost all of them occurring during the summer term. To earn academic credit, students are typically required to work 35-40 hours per week for 8-10 weeks in a supervised setting.

Learn More

If you’re interested in learning more about Berea College’s Internship Program, creating an internship program for your organization, developing and posting internship positions for Berea students, and/or learning more about the expectations of internship site supervisors, find out more here: Berea College Internship Program or go directly to our Site Supervisors resource page.

Connect with us!

Internship Program Staff are happy to set up a call or meet with you to discuss your interest in the Internship Program and how we might best meet your organization’s specific needs. Contact Internship Director Esther Livingston and/or Internship Coordinator Sara Cornett for more information.

Handshake Logo

One of the best ways to connect and let Berea students and recent graduates know that you’re searching for top talent is to get plugged in via Internship & Career Development’s free career management platform used by over 600 universities nationwide, Handshake. Once registered, you can post your full-time and internship opportunities there, students can easily search for them, and our office can send them to targeted groups of students (and helpful faculty/staff), which can help find you the most appropriate applicants, based on what you’re looking for (and you can easily update your postings each year!). You can also search student resumes, register for upcoming career fairs/events, request on-campus interviews, and continue to build your brand with students.

Our staff is always on hand to provide extra support when using Handshake, so please contact us at 859-985-3656 or email Sara Cornett if you require any assistance!

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