Choosing a Major

Need help with matching your career interest with possible majors? We can help!

Schedule a career counseling appointment through Handshake with a professional staff member at Career Development.
Our office can help you:

  • Explore career options that fit with your personality/interests/skills/values
  • Identify your strengths and the skills you offer potential employers
  • Discover career paths and possibilities within all academic majors & minors
  • Gain specific knowledge regarding employment trends, supply and demand, destinations of past graduates, and realistic salary ranges for your targeted career
  • Make connections with the wide range of employers and alumni that want to hire you

Finding your meaningful themes is key to creating an exciting and effective career development plan. When we refer to “meaningful themes” we begin by looking at personality preferences, strengths and skills, interests and values through career inventories and assessments.

During career counseling appointments, we will explore and articulate details about each of your “themes”, along with adding specifics about your passion, mission, motivation and purpose. As we unify the meaningful themes in your story, we are able to brainstorm possibilities for labor positions, service opportunities, internship positions, and on and on! Meaningful themes evolve over time and become important markers to use in your own personal and professional growth.

Find my meaningful themes

Go deeper into exploring who you are through the career assessments that we offer Berea students. Career assessments are not based on right or wrong responses or predetermined answers. Only you validate the assessment results as true and accurate for you. We use assessments and inventories to honor and celebrate your uniqueness, and the results from these tools give us a starting place for our career conversations. We want to help you uncover the possibilities related to the work that you want to do in the world. As always, these resources are FREE for Berea students.

Personality Preferences – TRUTALENT

The TruTalent™ Personality assessment, formerly known as Do What You Are®, has been used by millions of college students around the world to help them better understand themselves and others. TruTalent Personality helps students make more informed decisions about their future.

People are happiest and most successful in work that allows them to use their greatest gifts, and personality is the best way to determine what those gifts are.

Personality is the innate way people naturally see the world and make decisions. Unlike values, skills, and interests, which can change as we age, personality remains constant throughout a person’s life and contains a set of basic drives and motivations that can be instrumental in selecting a career. Schedule a career counseling appointment through Handshake with a professional staff member in Career Development to take TruTalent.

Skills – Motivated Skills Card Sort

Understanding your strengths and areas for improvement is crucial as you discern major interests and career pathways. This awareness is invaluable because it will help you focus on the “best fit” opportunities for the present and in the future. We utilize the Motivated Skills Card Sort to help students identify transferable skills and strategically plan for professional development and growth opportunities in new skills. Schedule a career counseling appointment through Handshake with a professional staff member in Career Development to identify your Motivated Skills.

Interests – Mind maps & Career Construction Interview

Finding meaningful work that interests and excites you is an integral part of career discernment. Instead of falling into the trap of asking “what do I want to be (when I grow up)?”, I invite you to shift your focus to what interests you? What are you curious about and what is exciting to you? We explore your interests through creative brainstorming, creating colorful mind maps and vision boards to find the right balance between what you want to do and what’s possible. Schedule a Career Construction Interview appointment through Handshake with a professional staff member in Career Development to explore your interests, mission, passion, and purpose.

  • What’s a mind map?
  • Create a mind map
  • Create a virtual vision board
  • What is a Career Construction Theory?
    Career construction theory (CCT) (Savickas, 2005) approaches career counseling and career development from a constructivist and narrative perspective. As career theories move towards incorporating holistic approaches that take into consideration individuals’ subjective experiences, narrative theory offers a means to draw out and clarify this story. Career construction theory, effectively integrates narrative and career conceptualizations to holistically create clarity in understanding what, how, and why individuals author their lives and careers in order to help individuals develop a cohesive identity, adapt within their environment, and construct the next chapter of their career story.
  • Exploring Interests & Occupational Themes

Values – Career Values Inventory

What’s important to you? Knowing your values helps you clarify what’s most important in your life. A value is a belief and a priority that is meaningful to you and that influences both your actions and reactions. Values can be guiding forces, especially when making career decisions and pursuing opportunities that impact your hopes, dreams, and happiness. Schedule a career counseling appointment through Handshake with a professional staff member in Career Development to talk about your career values.

Explore what’s important to you with our Career Values Inventory

Take the Career Values Card Sort through MyPlan – Click on the yellow button “Start Test” and arrange the values cards according to your priorities at work.

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