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Do you prefer focusing on your career development in a class setting? Consider registering for our courses – designed to help you articulate your meaningful themes and find the best fit opportunities that match your priorities and career goals.

This course is designed to increase students’ self-awareness, articulation of skills, and career readiness in all aspects of job search.  We will focus on your career development goals, identifying potential employers, actively tailoring your job search documents, and enhancing your interviewing skills. The coursework will include work during 1-1 appointments, assignments outside of class time and activities in dining etiquette, dress for success, and interviewing to build your confidence and get you ready for “bridging out” from Berea.

This class is designed to prepare juniors and seniors for the graduate and professional school application process. This course will help students with all aspects of discernment, preparation, and application to graduate & professional schools. We will focus on your articulation of educational goals and why you want to attend graduate school. Students will research and identify specific graduate school programs of interest and develop tailored application documents (curriculum vitae, personal statements, etc.), to use right away for the application process. Career Development funding is provided during this course to cover exam study materials, registration expenses, and application fees.

Interviewing remains one of those activities which we think we know all about, and yet many interviewees still seem underprepared and rely on “winging it” during important interviews.  This .25 course will provide practice-based intensive interview experience for juniors and seniors preparing for professional interviews with recruiters for internships, gap experiences, full-time positions and/or graduate & professional schools. We will explore all types of interviews, learn fundamental elements of highly structured interviews and how to advance interview skills to navigate free-flowing conversational interviews. No more “winging it!” – YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT! Join this class to work towards fully articulating your skills, characteristics and experiences in a comfortable and confident way.