Career Development Bridgeout Support

In order to be eligible for Career Development Bridgeout Support, students must meet the following criteria:


Professional exam funding is a one-time award. Limited funding is available for materials and for one exam of the students’ choosing: GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, DAT, PCAT, and OAT. Note: if requesting funds for MCAT, DAT, OAT, PCAT or LSAT exam, faculty recommendation is required. See LSAT / MCAT pages. Students should be planning to attend graduate school within 18 months of taking their exam.

Professional clothing funding is a one-time $350. In order to be eligible, students must first attend the Semi-annual fashion show.

Professional Conference funding is limited to once per year for juniors and seniors only, with a maximum of twice per academic career. When applying for funding, students need to be mindful that they will be required to attend conferences as a part of a group and must have a Berea College faculty member in attendance or as a sponsor. Students’ should meet with Career Development staff members six weeks before their desired travel dates. Important note: funding is only available for conferences in the 48 contiguous United States. We are unable to provide funding for international conferences.

Graduate School Visit funding is a one-time award that is available to senior students who have a 3.0 cumulative GPA. Prior to applying for this funding, students must have taken the required graduate or professional exam required for admission (if one is not required, then this step is waived). Additionally, students must be in contact with a faculty member at the school in which they are planning to visit and must be in the process of applying to the program or that they are planning to visit. Students must be planning to attend graduate school within 18 months of their visit. In order to be eligible, students must have attended a funding forum event.

Application funding is available to seniors (up to $300). Prior to applying for this funding, students must have taken the required graduate or professional exam required for admission. Students’ must provide proof that they requested application fee waivers from each of the schools in which they are applying. This funding cannot be used to cover the cost of sending exam scores to schools.

Grant Information & Eligibility

Through a generous bequest of longtime Berea College professor and chair of Home Economics (now the Child and Family Studies Program), Mrs. Marjorie Gabbard-Hylton, Career Development can offer a limited number of graduating seniors assistance in paying for expenses related to job interview processes and the full-time employment process following graduation.

To be eligible, students must hold senior classification and be scheduled to graduate during the current academic year. At the request of the donor, students who demonstrate financial need (based on current FAFSA Expected Family Contribution) will be given preference in funding. Each eligible applicant can request up to $500 of support from the Gabbard-Hylton Fund. Requests will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis as long as funding remains.


Types of Grants:
Funding for Job Interview(s)

To receive assistance in paying for expenses related to a job interview(s), you must be interviewing for a full-time, permanent, professional, career-related position. You must provide supporting documentation of the interview including a copy of the job description, the correspondence with the organization/company describing the details of your interview and the following information:
job title, name of company, location and date/time of interview.

Funding for Job Relocation
To receive assistance in paying for expenses related to relocation for full-time, permanent, professional, career-related position, you must provide supporting documentation that includes a copy of the official correspondence from the hiring organization/company and it must verify the full-time position, the name of the organization/company, the location and your start date.

How to apply:
Seniors interested in job interview(s) or job relocation funding must submit an application with supporting documentation, as noted above. If you have met with Amanda Tudor, Director of Career Development already, please email her inquiring about this grant.
If you have not met with Amanda to discuss your career plans, please schedule a 1-1 appointment via Handshake.
Applications can only be obtained from the Director of Career Development.
Other questions? Email Amanda at


Funds for 2018 -2019 year have been awarded.

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