Rental Housing Policy

Berea College has a limited number of houses and apartments which are rented to full-time College faculty and staff on a temporary basis. All housing is unfurnished except Kettering Apartments, which have limited furnishings.


  • To assist in the recruitment of new teaching faculty and staff by providing attractive, well kept rental housing near the campus on a temporary basis during the first year and up through the third year of service.
  • To provide housing for current faculty and staff as available on a temporary basis up to three years.
  • To provide a reasonable financial return to the College.


To achieve the above stated purposes, the following priorities have been established for use of College housing:

  • first priority for College housing is given to newly appointed faculty or staff and to individuals designated as temporary replacements for personnel, and whose previous residence is more than 40 miles from Berea College.
  • second priority is given to newly appointed faculty and staff whose previous residence is less than 40 miles from Berea College.
  • third priority is given to current employees as units are available.

Policies and Procedures

The following policies and procedures have been established to administer the College housing program:

New faculty and staff should contact Malissa Blair, Executive Assistant, Business and Administration Group, for information on availability of rental housing (859-985-3131) or

Newly employed faculty and staff have priority for housing over long-term residents who have occupied housing in excess of three full or partial academic years. Residents who have resided in College housing for more than two years, who still occupy housing, will be advised in writing that the College cannot guarantee housing beyond the end of the third year.

Residents lose all rental privileges upon termination of employment with Berea College and are expected to vacate College housing as soon as practical, but no later than 30 days after termination, unless the College grants permission for an extension. That extension must be in writing and include all terms, conditions and length of stay.

Written lease agreements are used in conjunction with the letting of all units under the Rental Housing Policy. The College reserves the right to terminate a lease agreement and to ask a resident to vacate the rental unit with 30 days notice if, in the judgment of the College, the resident is in violation of the lease or any property rules or regulations adopted by the College or is creating a disturbance or nuisance . This Policy supplements each lease agreement. In the event of any conflict between this Policy and a lease agreement, the lease controls.

Rental Charges

Rental charge starts the day the resident actually picks up the keys from the Business Office. A thirty (30) days notice prior to vacating a rental unit is required. The rent will continue for thirty (30) days after such notice or until the keys are turned in, whichever date is the later.
All rents are due and payable on the first day of each month in advance. The lease amount will be automatically deducted from the pay check each pay period to pay for the next month’s rent.

Security deposit Check-in

Individuals wishing to accept a temporary housing assignment will be required to sign the Faculty and Staff Transitional Housing Lease and to make a security deposit. The deposit will be refunded if the property is vacated in as good a condition as at the time of first occupancy (normal wear and tear excluded). Should additional cleaning or repair be required, the deposit will be used to cover the cost and a refund of the unused balance will be made. If the cost is more, the tenant will be billed for the remainder.

Upon arrival, new tenants are asked to complete a physical inventory of the property and its condition. This inventory should be completed within 7-10 days after arrival and returned to the Business Office.

Any furnishings provided to the tenant are the responsibility of the tenant during their stay in College housing. In the event the tenant does not choose to use the furnishings, the tenant is responsible for proper storage of the furnishings at their own expense.

Keys will be obtained through the Business Office only. A charge of $25 will be made for each key not returned when a resident vacates the premises, and may be deducted from the security deposit. Additional keys may be obtained upon request to the Business Office at 985-3131.

Care of Property and Equipment

It is the personal responsibility of the resident to keep the rental unit in a good clean condition and in a good state of repair at all times. Lawns should be kept neatly mowed and shrubbery properly pruned by the resident. Sidewalks and drives should be kept clean and clear of any accumulations of trash, debris, ice and snow. Common driveways should not be blocked.

Pet(s) are allowed in the college residential rental properties. It is requested that residents use good judgment with the number and size of pets. Facilities Management should be informed of any pets on the property. Any damage to the premises, house, apartment, or furniture caused by the pet(s) will be chargeable to the resident. It is requested that residents take caution and care with pet(s) inside the property. If this agreement is violated or if the pet becomes objectionable, Facilities Management may require removal of the pet(s). There are city ordinances (such as: registration, vaccination, and public nuisance) with regard to animals and fowl that must be complied with by tenants owning a pet.

Any repairs to a unit necessitated as a result of neglect or willful damage are chargeable to the resident. These will be determined during check out procedures.

Requests for minor repairs and requests for improvements or major repairs, whether at College expense or the resident’s expense, should be directed to Facilities Management, phone 986-3830.Emergency requests after duty hours should be directed to Public Safety at extension 985-3333.

Alterations such as extra wiring, plumbing, shelving, etc., for the resident’s convenience will be at the resident’s expense. Any improvements or alterations to the property must be requested and approved, in advance, through Facilities Management Department. This includes installation of fans, air conditioners and other items that are attached to the building.
The College reserves the right of entry, with appropriate notice to the resident, to inspect the property for the purposes of maintenance, repairs, safety and insurance. It may be necessary for representatives of the College to enter in the case of an emergency.


The College is responsible for fire and extended coverage insurance and institutional liability on all rental units. The resident is responsible for providing his or her own personal liability coverage, insurance on personal contents and other resident’s insurance coverage as desired by the resident. Residents are strongly urged to obtain Resident’s Form Homeowner’s Insurance (renter’s insurance).

Lease Year

Unless otherwise mutually agreed, the lease year begins on move-in date, and ends on the following May 31st.

Before April 15, the Business Office will send a request to each resident inquiring if he/she desires to have his/her lease renewed for another year.


There should be ample parking at each location. Should any problems arise contact Facilities Management at 985-3830 or 985-3827. According to city ordinance Section 11-68 (7), it is unlawful for an owner or occupant to store an abandoned motor vehicle (those which are in a state of disrepair and incapable of being moved under its own power).

Check-out Procedures

Residents are encouraged to schedule a walk-through with a representative from Facilities Management prior to moving out, to identify any areas requiring attention or cleaning.
Each resident will contact Business Office (985-3131) when everything has been moved out of the rental property. The resident will schedule an appointment with a facility management representative to meet at the property during normal business hours to discuss problems or concerns. Keys will be collected by Facilities Management at that time. A review of the property will also be made at that time for damages beyond the normal wear and tear.
It is the responsibility of the resident to make arrangements with the Accounting Office for payment of any outstanding amounts due to the College. Each resident, upon moving out, must leave a forwarding address with the Business Office.  The balance of any security deposits will be returned to tenants within 30 days of the final walk-through by Facilities Management.

Implementation of Policy

The Business Office is responsible for the implementation of this Policy and all decisions regarding the management and assignment of housing units.

Revised by Administrative Committee October 13, 2009