Adjustable Work

The Adjustable Work Policy applies to eligible employees who elect to pursue approved Adjustable Work options as listed within the Policy document. Essential employees, who are defined as persons involved with the required on-campus operations of the campus, may not be eligible to participate in any or some types of the options below. Adjustable work is an umbrella term used to describe all types of work in this policy.

Adjustable Work Schedule Policy

Adjustable Work Schedule Policy FAQ

Supervisor Resources

Department/Division Schedule Plan

Department/Division Schedule Plan Walkthrough:


Berea College Resources & Training for Long-Term Schedules (Excel template)

Feedback & Coaching Guide

Recognition Ideas Catalog

Coach Employees for High Performance and Development

Quarterly Check-In Discussion Topics

  • Last quarter’s celebrations
  • Last quarter’s barriers to success
  • Team: Forming. Storming. Norming. Performing.
  • Resources or support needed going forward
  • Priorities for next quarter
  • Training and career development opportunities


Adjustable Work Application

Adjustable Work Application Walkthrough:


Additional Resources

Local Payroll Tax Form – Remote Work Employees Only (Coming Soon!)

SF Presentation – Rollout & Training (Staff Forum 1.28.2022)

Staff Forum Presentation on Adjustable Work Policy

How to Set Up Forwarding Calls