Health & Human Performance Program

Lifetime Wellness Requirement – HLT 100

The mission of the Department of Health and Human Performance is to encourage, inspire and empower students, through knowledge and experience, to actively pursue growth and development in all dimensions of wellness. The department teaches all students through the General Education program and prepares majors in Physical Education and minors in Health Studies, Health Teaching, and Dance. As stated in the Berea College Catalog and Student Handbook, one of the goals of the Department of Health and Human Performance is to guide and mentor students toward independence and personal responsibility for healthy and active lifetime habits.

Based on this goal, all Berea College students are required to complete the Lifetime Wellness Requirement of the General Education curriculum. A sequence of three courses totaling one full credit is designed to develop knowledge and skills and to establish habits and patterns of healthy choice for a lifetime. In this sequence, the dimensions of wellness are addressed, including: emotional, spiritual, intellectual, environmental, physical, and social/interpersonal health.

HLT 100: Introduction to Lifetime Wellness is one-half (1/2) credit, preferably taken the 1st year of enrollment. Following successful completion of this course, two 1/4-credit HLT/HHP activity courses at the 200 level are required. These two courses may be selected according to the individual’s need and/or interest. Adaptations allow participation of students with special needs. If the student’s swimming skills are below a minimal safety/survival level at the conclusion of HLT 100, one of the two 1/4-credit activity courses must be HHP 200.

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