• vary depending upon the setting and the nature of the work.
  • A Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education from Berea College prepares one for further study in this growing field. There is an increasing need for individuals with an understanding of the physical, social, and psychological needs of older adults.
  • CPR certification
  • Personal trainers require additional certification
  • Most group fitness instructors require additional certification
  • A Berea College Bachelors Degree in Physical Education prepares the student for the certifying exams
  • To retain the certification it must be reevaluated every two years
  • Life-long learning is required to retain licensure. Obtaining a Master’s Degree is useful if an administrative or upper management position is sought.

Salaries for Gerontologists vary, and they fall into the range of $30,000 to $60,000, depending upon whether or not the gerontologist has a supervisory role at all.  Entry-level salaries for Gerontologist graduates are usually between $22,000-$35,000.

Careers in gerontology include activities that are focused directly or indirectly on the study and care of older persons. Recreation specialists and exercise therapists are being sought by various administrators to provide services in a variety of traditional and non-community-based facilities. Education in aging is crucial to all disciplines and all segments of society. Educators in local schools, colleges and universities are working increasingly with older learners and need to acquire the teaching skills needed to interact with this group. Special courses, seminars and workshops are conducted in community settings, since learning is a life-long process for everyone. Gerontological research is developing at an astounding rate; yet there is still much knowledge to be uncovered in the biological, psychological, and sociological aspects of aging. New research findings are communicated to a wide audience via professional journal articles, oral presentations, and other means. There is much work that still needs to be done to ensure that this vital information reaches care-providers, policy-makers and program planners at local, state, and federal levels.

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This information was collected by Iris Bahr-Winslow, Jennifer Breneman, Allen Brooks, Emily Schneider, Candy Walls, and Ebony Williams.