Dance Medicine and Science


  • Completion of a 4 year degree
  • Completion of exams of certification


Salary by years of experience:  1 year or less $73,250; 1-4 years $129,967; 5-9 years $129,991; 10-19 years $183,126; 20 or more years $156,000


Sports Medicine consists of the medical field dealing with injuries obtained in athletic fields, as well as prevention and treatment.  The main purpose of the position is preventing, limiting and treating injuries to reach full athletic performances.  Sports medicine includes athletic training, biomechanics, exercise physiology, and nutrition. Sports medicine also works with non-professional athletes and those participating in various recreational activities; for example children involved in youth sports or older adults.

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Info obtained from: U.S. Department of Labor
This information was collected by Iris Bahr-Winslow, Jennifer Breneman, Allen Brooks, Emily Schneider, Candy Walls, and Ebony Williams.