Dance Educator


  • Completion of a 4 year degree
  • Master of Fine Arts or a Master of Arts and/or certificates pertaining to their specific area of dance

Dance instructor salaries range from $36,000- $50,000.

Dance educators study musical beats so that they can teach dance steps, movement techniques, and choreograph dance routines. Dance instructors usually specialize in a specific area of dance such as ballet, tap, jazz, ballroom, or modern dance. Typically, a dance instructor must be able to teach children, adults, novices, and professionals. They specialize in at least two areas of dance, explain and demonstrate dance techniques, and choreograph dances. Dance instructors who plan to teach in a college or a university may be required to be complete a Master’s degree.

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Info obtained from: U.S. Department of Labor
This information was collected by Iris Bahr-Winslow, Jennifer Breneman, Allen Brooks, Emily Schneider, Candy Walls, and Ebony Williams.