Resources for Instructors

These documents are provided to help current instructors of GSTR courses, possible future instructors of GSTR courses, and current/future students who are required to complete these courses.

Please note that the course primer documents are simply expanded versions of the course documents that have been formally approved by the faculty. Annotations from the course coordinators are in blue text.

GSTR 110 Course Primer

Faculty Advising Resources

GSTR 210 Course Primer

GSTR 210 Research Rubric

GSTR 310 Course Document

GSTR 332 Course Document

GSTR 410 Course Document

GSTR 410 Expo Judging Sheet

The Berea Early Writing Guide Webpage

Forms to Propose a Course as Meeting a Particular General Education Perspective or Requirement

Dr. Sarah Adams, Berea Bridge Director & Writing Program Administrator