General Studies Program

Policies and Guidelines

Core Classes: GSTR 110, GSTR 210, GSTR 310, GSTR 332, GSTR 410

These courses are required of all Berea College students.  There are no transfer equivalencies and these courses do not satisfy other General Education or major requirement.

When to take the core courses:

  • GSTR 110: First regular term.
  • GSTR 210: Second regular term, unless student is enrolled in GST 150 or ENG 104, in which case, the student may elect to delay GSTR 210 until their third term.  Prerequisite: GSTR 110.
  • GSTR 310: Third through seventh regular term.  Students should be encouraged to take in their third or fourth semesters, and strongly encouraged not to put this off until their senior year.  Prerequisites: GSTR 110 and GSTR 210
  • GSTR 332: Third through seventh regular term.  Students should be strongly encouraged not to put this off until their senior year.  Prerequisites:  GSTR 110, GSTR 210, and PRQ.
  • GSTR 410: Seventh or eighth regular term.  Prerequisites:  GSTR 110, GSTR 210, GSTR 310, GSTR 332, and senior standing.

Decisions about summer classes are not made until February.  Students should be encouraged to take their core classes in the regular semester.

Perspective, PR(Q), and ALE

Perspective, PR(Q), and ALE credit may be earned in any term.  In general, it is a good idea for students to plan to complete most, if not all, of their perspectives prior to their senior year.
Perspective credit is approved for courses that have been proposed by departments and reviewed by COGE, not for individual students. Students should consult the Schedule of Courses, plus supplements, to find out which courses satisfy General Education requirements in any given semester.

Independent studies or team-initiated studies may be approved for Active Learning Experience credit but not for Perspective or Practical Reasoning credit.

Writing Requirement

The Writing Requirement may be satisfied in one of three ways:

  • scoring 3, 4, or 5 on the Writing Competency Examination (WCE),
  • passing GST 150: College Composition, or
  • passing ENG 104: Advanced ESL (for International students).

Active Learning Experiences (ALEs)

Active Learning Experience credit may be earned by completing

  • an approved service-learning course
  • an approved internship
  • an approved labor project
  • an approved short term travel course
  • structured reflection as part of KIIS or other international study program (This is not automatic; it requires completion of a journal that will be reviewed by the Director of the International Center)
  • designated nursing clinicals
  • designated education practicums,
  • participation in a theatre lab production
  • UGR 010 or UGR 020 undergraduate research projects
  • approved independent or team-initiated studies


No single course taken at Berea can fulfill more than two General Education requirements.

No course taken off campus–at another institution or as part of the KIIS or other program–may satisfy more than one General Education requirement.

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