General Education Modification (GEM) Committee

The General Education Curriculum at Berea College has not undergone comprehensive review since its implementation in 2006. After 14 years and many small and incremental adjustments, it is time to consider a more comprehensive review and possible revision of the curriculum. Besides needing to address the normal “drift” of a curriculum over time, this move is important, as many faculty members have joined the College since 2006 and have little grounding in the history and rationale behind the current curriculum. Broad and deep campus conversations about the goals, nature, and structure of General Studies at Berea College promise to revitalize the curriculum and develop energizing dialogues among faculty about teaching and learning. The General Education Modification (GEM) Committee was formed to complete this task of a thorough review and modification of the General Education program. To learn more about the charge of our group, please refer to the documents below (note: you may have to log in using credentials to see these documents).

Original College Faculty Assembly Proposal to Create GEM Committee (Spring 2021)

Motion to Amend GEM Committee Formation & Structure (Spring 2021)

GEM Report to the Faculty College Assembly (Spring 2022)

GEM PowerPoint Presentation (as given to the Faculty College Assembly, Spring 2022)

GEM General Education Quantitative Reasoning Presentation (as given to the Faculty College Assembly, Fall 2022)

GEM General Education Forum Presentation (November, 2022)

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Members of GEM

  • Eileen McKiernan-Gonzalez, Associate Provost
  • Kristen Barnard, Representative of Division I; Expert in Quantitative Reasoning
  • Nancy Gift, Representative of Division II
  • Melody Srsic, Representative of Division III
  • Amrita Mishra, Representative of Division IV
  • Jarrod Brown, Representative of Division V
  • Jon Saderholm, Representative of Division VI
  • Rochelle Arms Almengor, Expert in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice
  • Rebecca Bates, Advocate for Writing and the Teaching of Writing
  • Jarrod Sipple, SGA Student Representative
  • Sam Cole, Staff Support

GEM Guiding Documents

Berea College’s Great Commitments (from the Berea College Employee Handbook)

Berea College’s Aims of General Education and Core Competencies

Berea College: About the College (from the Berea College Employee Handbook)

SACS-COC General Education Requirements and Assessment

GEM Presentation from Launch Week 2022 


Want to see other documents or resources on this page? Have any questions or concerns about the work of GEM? If so, please contact Sam Cole (; 859-985-3489).