General Studies Program

Committee on General Education (COGE)

The Committee on General Education (COGE) is the steering committee for the General Education curriculum and is guided by the Aims of General Education. It has responsibility for oversight of the program, including:

  1. consideration of issues that affect the substance of the General Education curriculum, including reviewing and making recommendations on any matters that affect GSTR course guidelines or the General Education curriculum as a whole.
  2. administration of existing policy within the General Education Program.  These matters include (but are not limited to) the development, review and approval of new sections of General Education core courses, Perspectives, and other components of the General Education Program; and consideration of requests for exceptions within the program.
  3. systematic and on-going assessment of individual GSTR courses, and of the General Education curriculum as a whole.
  4. planning for faculty development in regard to the General Education Program.
  5. initiation of proposals for programmatic and/or curricular changes to the General Education Program, which are forwarded tot and acted upon by the Academic Program Council.

COGE consists of eight members—the Dean of Curriculum and Student Learning; the Coordinators of the five General Studies core courses; the Coordinator of Perspectives, PR, and ALE; and a student. The Dean of Curriculum and Student Learning serves as a voting member of the Academic Program Council (APC), and functions as a liaison between COGE and APC. Coordinators are appointed by the Dean of Curriculum and Student Learning. Terms will generally be three years, but may range from two to five years. All members have voice and vote.

Members of the Committee on General Education, 2015-2016

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