Graduation Checklist

Events to Attend

To Do:

  • Apply for Graduation
  • Apply for eligible Academic, Labor and Service Awards in February and March (award deadlines vary by award). See a list of awards and application criteria.
  • After reserving your Commencement Tickets, don’t forget to print them out and/or send them to family and guests!
  • Change your address at the CPO.
  • Request your doctor immunization sheet from Health Services/White House Clinic. (This is generally required for students going to grad schools.)
  • Talk to the Alumni Office about small giving programs.
    For more information, visit Berea Patrons (student giving) and the Mountaineer Club (student and young alumni giving).
  • Edge Laptop Finalization
    All seniors will receive an email a few weeks before graduation from the Technology Resource Center detailing the steps for transferring ownership of their Berea College-issued laptop.  Think about replacing your laptop battery, getting your laptop re-imaged, and purchasing your software through IS&S before graduation. Deadline: TBA
  • Apply for the Graduate School Application Test Fee Program
    If you’re planning to go to graduate school, submit your application to this program as soon as possible, since the funds will run out quickly! This grant money can pay up to $550 for school visits, graduate school test fees (GRE, GMAT, etc.) and application fees for eligible students. Learn more about Career Development Bridgeout Support.
  • Look into Graduate School Loans
    Graduate school loans are also available from Student Financial Aid Services to students who plan to attend graduate school full time. Loans range from $500-$6000 depending on financial need. Apply in late spring for the following fall and announcements for the awards will be sent by late summer. All applications for assistance need to be completed in full and accompanied with the requested documentation to: Stephany Blaney, (859-985-3310).

To Get

  • Transcripts
    At some point, you will probably need to file a transcript request either for graduate school or because an employer requests them. Find out more information at the Office of the Registrar.
  • Obtain honor pins from your organizations, labor programs, or academic clubs to put on your stole at graduation.
  • Get free Berea College stickers, buttons, pens, etc. from the Alumni Office before you leave town — Represent Berea!

Reminders & Recommendations:

  • Convocation credits
    Last semester seniors do not need to obtain a convocation credit – but still go to convocations that are good for your career or align with your interests!
  • Look into career resources and options early
    It can feel stressful, but try to think about career options and next steps BEFORE you graduate. You might just want to focus on academics now, but most professors are extremely supportive when it comes to allowing you to go to conferences, job interviews, or other events that will help you in your career. So start thinking about the next step now — consider signing up for Handshake through the ICD. Just plug in your information and you can begin communicating with companies for a job through Berea’s network. Remember to go to a resume or cover letter workshop — it will help you win an interview for a job. And when you get an interview and need to look professional, remember the professional clothing fund/closet at the Office Internships and Career Development. You can also schedule a mock interview with a peer consultant.