President Lyle handing Guinevere ’17 her degree at Commencement in 2017.

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Guinevere's Letter to President Roelofs

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Guinevere’s Letter to President Roelofs

President Roelofs,

My name is Guinevere Beirne, and I will be graduating in less than a week with a degree in english literature and writing and a minor in business administration. I am from a very economically challenged (as all Bereans are) background in the state of West Virginia. Berea has provided me with an education I wouldn't have otherwise been able to afford. In the future, I hope to be a published author and to own a business that both feeds and employs people that are homeless, and it is thanks to this institution that I will accomplish this.

Thank you for all you have done to help me make it this far. I hope that our institution will continue to strive to help those who have no other means to an education, even during this time of political strife, because the person who could change the future of this country for the better just may be undocumented, Appalachian, or currently homeless. Berea is the home of the exceptional. Thank you for everything.


Guinevere Beirne