Destiney, Berea College student. Thanks in part to generous donors, Berea College has not charged students tuition since 1892. Your gift to Berea College is an investment in lives of great promise, helping to fund the education of bright young minds from Appalachia and beyond.

Destiney’s Story

Decoding her dreams

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Destiney’s Story

Meet Destiney ’23, a Computer and Information Science major who will enter her final year at Berea. Destiney grew up in Birmingham, Alabama, where the historic effects of segregation gave her the impression that her future was already determined.

“My sisters and I always heard, ‘You’re going to drop out, no one will hire you, you won’t make it,’” she said. “It’s so easy to believe all that and feel like just one wrong move sends you down the wrong path.” The shadow of historic racial segregation in jobs, housing, schools, and more felt almost inescapable. Destiney felt as if the script for her life had already been written.

After being accepted to Berea College, she declared a Computer and Information Science major and never looked back.

I had always wanted to learn how to code, but my school’s math classes were so behind I didn’t know how to teach myself. Berea gave me a chance I couldn’t pass up.

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