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Brooklin’s Story

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Brooklin’s Story

A letter from Brooklin

Dear Friend,

My name is Brooklin, and I’m a small town girl from Cynthiana, Kentucky. Along the road of this crazy life, I stumbled upon Berea College, something for which I am forever grateful. Growing up, I was reminded by my parents daily that college was the only option for my future. Understanding we would never be able to afford college, my future college career depended on my academic abilities: my grades, my GPA, my tests scores, etc. My parents worked with my sister and me daily after school to ensure that we were the smartest kids in our classes. This sounds as if it would be a lot of pressure on a child and it was. But, it was the reality my family lived. My parents wanted a better life for my sister and me, and the only way we were going to get to that future was through an academic scholarship.

As you can imagine, my family had to fight for everything we wanted in life. When I was in second grade, we lost our trailer in the trailer park. After this, we moved 14 miles outside of town where we would call an 18-foot camper our home. This new home had no running water, which meant bathing in the creek, hauling clothes to the laundromat in town, and buying endless amounts of gallon jugs of purified water from the store. While this was a trying time for my family, my 8-year-old-self realized a lot about what I wanted out of this life.

I am currently living the life my 8-year-old-self dreamed of. As for my family, my parents are doing better than ever before, and my sister, a Berea grad, is currently studying to become a physician’s assistant. As for me, I am working toward my nursing degree from Berea College and will be graduating in May of 2019. I made it to college, and I am going to make it out debt-free. Being a nurse is the perfect opportunity to serve others daily. Berea College has provided me with the best possible education needed to provide the highest quality of care to my patients.

As I said, nothing was ever really handed to me. But, you see, there’s a catch to this… until I got to Berea College. Thank you for your generous support that has made it possible for me to achieve these dreams of mine. I made it. I made it into the life my parents had always dreamed for me. Berea College has given me limitless opportunities to live out my perfect life.

Thank you again for all that you’ve done.

Brooklin, ‘19

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