Young Alumni Reunion Giving

Class Giving is important every year. Through the exposure and education as Berea Patrons this cohort of alumni have become ambassadors for the mission of Berea and the importance of the Berea Fund. We hope that you will join your class efforts to help support current and future Bereans for generations to come!

Alumni Volunteer Highlight

The most meaningful part of my volunteer experience is this sense of building community. I am simply amazed when I am reminded of the good that still exists in this world. I recognize that my civic engagement may or may not change a life, however, it is a spark for a potential chain reaction for others to join in. Whether it is inspiring someone to participate in an on-campus event or if you encourage someone to become a donor, you would be investing in the historical legacy that Berea has built for students who otherwise could not see themselves challenge the status quo.  -Osvaldo Flores ’18

Check out how our reunion classes are doing with their campaigns below

Class of 2016

$1,108 Raised | 20 Donors

Reunion Giving Chair:
Carmellia Jackson

Class of 2017

$1,872 Raised | 16 Donors

Reunion Giving Chair:
Megan Yocum

Class of 2018

$780 Raised | 18 Donors

Reunion Giving Committee:
Osvaldo Flores, Kelley Farley, Elle Keys, and Adam Funck

Class of 2019

$992 Raised | 24 Donors

Reunion Giving Committee:
Dani Graves, Kaylie Padgett, and Kiley Barnard

Contact Us

Daniela Pirela Manares ’20
Annual Giving Associate
Phone: (859) 985-3162