Why Give

No Berea student is ever charged tuition.

Unlike other colleges where tuition supplies most of the funding, Berea depends on the endowment return for 74% of its operating costs. Another 17% of our annual budget comes from federal and state funding, while the final 9% comes from loyal alumni and friends who support Tuition Promise Scholarships through the Berea Fund. A gift of $3,000 completes the amount needed to fulfill a Tuition Promise Scholarship for one student.


Endowment: 74%

State & Federal Aid

State & Federal Aid: 17%

The Berea Fund

Berea Fund: 9%

Your gift to the Berea Fund supports our students by providing Tuition Promise Scholarships.

A student looks into a microscope

Why Berea? Berea offers a high-quality liberal arts education to students who have great promise but limited economic resources. Every student admitted to Berea receives a Tuition Promise Scholarship. Learn more about how Berea does what no other college does.

Who your gift supports. Your gift to Berea College is an investment in lives of great promise, helping to fund the education of bright young minds from Appalachia and beyond.

“Donors who give to Berea change lives. It changed mine, and one day I could change the world.” -Bria Williams, ’17

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Meet our students

Jonathan '22

Jonathan ’22 was working 70 hours a week making pizzas and washing cars before he heard about a tuition-free education at Berea College: “I had always been told that my dreams were “far-fetched” and that I would never achieve my goals, but your support contradicts those messages. For that, I will always be grateful and forever indebted to your kindness.”

Elizabeth Owens '21 Photographer: Andreea Teban

Berea College’s commitment to educating Appalachian students is as important today as it was in our founding year of 1855, especially for students who have experienced poverty firsthand. Nursing student, Elizabeth ’21 has a similar story: “Without donors, it’d just be me and my dream and major student debt. Because of your generous heart, I can help others heal.”

Micah Moyers ’22

Berea College senior Micah ’22 was raised by his elderly great-aunt on their low, fixed income in Appalachian Kentucky. This spring he will earn the first college degree in his family and then go on to graduate school to become a physical therapist. Because of donor generosity, Micah will get to spend his time in graduate school building skills to heal others instead of worrying about enormous student debt.

A world-class education at Berea is what inspired musician and recent Music graduate, Fernando ’21 to give back to the College as a Berea Patron. Fernando found his calling while a student. “I give because I can,” Fernando said. “That’s why I’m a Berea Patron. Kindness of others got me here, and I’m so thankful for the chance to give that kindness back.”

Sharon Lee '22

Despite the loss of her father and grandfather and the financial challenges of living in a single-parent family, Sharon ’22 never lost hope of her dream of attending college.

Now as a student at Berea, Sharon is fulfilling her plans to go to medical school thanks to the generous gifts from folks like you.

Yyrys looking sideways

Yryskeldi’s mother says that “success comes through working hard and trusting in others to offer help when necessary.” With your support, you are proving her right by giving opportunities to our international students. 

Yrys, like many international students face the added burden of chasing their dreams far away from their homes. At Berea, he is already a campus leader and is learning the high-level skills to be an international leader around issues of business sustainability.

Davallen smiles

For Appalachian student Davallen, ’23, home has not always offered peace and happiness. Davallen’s road to becoming the first person in her family to go to college was far from easy. But fortunately, Berea College not only offers Davallen a tuition scholarship, it provides all the support and opportunities she needs to succeed.