Top Places to Visit in Berea

See your Berea Fund gift in action

With historic architecture, rolling hills, handmade crafts and homegrown food, the Berea College campus and surrounding community offer an academic and creative environment that welcomes all. We invite you to make a gift to the Berea Fund today…then plan a visit to Berea to see your gift in action.

The Berea Fund helps us provide a Tuition Promise Scholarship to more than 1,600 students each year. These deserving students, such as senior Communications major Lily Anna, balance their classroom learning with labor positions, providing vital daily services across campus.

berea college visitor center and shop

“Berea College is a place where everyone is welcome. Berea College means love, acceptance, and opportunity.”  Lily Anna Tillman ’18

In her labor position, Lily Anna guides and manages campus tours, working out of the Berea College Visitor Center & Shoppe. While studying in Italy last summer—an experience made possible by Berea’s supporters—Lily Anna discovered her passion for travel and new cultures. She has decided to use her Berea College labor experience as a springboard to a career as an international tour guide and storyteller. Lily Anna looks forward to graduating next month with a high-quality bachelor of arts degree, plus work skills very applicable to her career interest and international travel experience.

Lily Anna’s journey was supported by generous alumni and friends, who believe in academic opportunity for those who can least afford it.

As always, you’re welcome to see your generosity in action. If you visit our campus community this year, Lily Anna’s recommendations will help you make the most of your trip.

Berea College Visitor Center & Shoppe

Our top pick is the place to get Berea College merchandise and the starting point for a tour of campus. Tour guides are students like Lily Anna Tillman, a senior Communications major, who lead guests on the Historical Walking Tour, the Student Crafts Tour, or the Eco/Sustainability Tour.

On the Historical Walking Tour, be sure to ask about the Carter G. Woodson Center for Interracial Education and the Loyal Jones Appalachian Center. You can also drop in at either of these centers Monday through Friday.

Lily Anna says, “I found my niche here as a tour guide. After graduation, I want to travel and basically do what I’m doing at Berea—sharing the intricate stories of a culture.”

Historic Boone Tavern Hotel & Restaurant

This award-winning hotel is a member of the Historic Hotels of America and is on the National Register of Historic Places. It is also a LEED Gold-certified green hotel. The charming restaurant features the legendary cornbread soufflé, locally known as Boone Tavern Spoonbread, among other mouth-watering original dishes that source regional Kentucky Proud ingredients.

Lily Anna says, “Students have had a hand in creating both the structure and the business of Boone Tavern from the very beginning. It is the perfect example of how Berea integrates work into learning, shaping the student with skills that are transferable to any job.”

Berea College Farm Store

The Farm Store offers foods produced by the College Farm as well as products from nearby farms and small businesses in the central Appalachian region and throughout Kentucky. Products include a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, honey, beef and chicken, soups and sandwiches, and baked treats.

Lily Anna says, “You can purchase food to-go or dine in for lunch.”

Berea College Log House Craft Gallery

This stop is the premier showplace for Berea College crafts and other fine regional crafts. It is included in the Student Crafts Tour, and you can also drop in during business hours.

Lily Anna says, “The Log House Craft Gallery is one of the only places in town that combines student-made crafts with crafts made by artisans in the wider community.” 

The Pinnacles & Berea College Forestry Outreach Center

The Pinnacles are located approximately 3 miles from campus in the Berea College Forest. Here you’ll find moderate to difficult hiking trails with beautiful overlooks that are accessible year-round. At the base of the Pinnacles sits the Forestry Outreach Center, a new 5,000 square foot building with a curated description of the College Forest and a multi-purpose conference room for up to 85 people.

Lily Anna says, “I first decided that I wanted to come to Berea when I read an article about Mountain Day and the tradition of going up to The Pinnacles at dawn, the whole community together, and then sharing a festival day. That was so inspiring to me, and I started researching further and discovered that this was absolutely the place I needed to be.”