Types of Gifts

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Endowed Gifts

A gift for endowment demonstrates your enduring commitment to Berea College. It is maintained in perpetuity and only the income—never the principal—is spent for the purposes specified by the donor. These support our greatness needs including tuition scholarships, campus programs, etc.

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Matching Gifts

Many companies participate in gift matching programs; some will even match gifts made by retirees and spouses of employees. Check with your employer to find out if they participate in a matching gifts program.

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Foundation & Corporation Gifts

The positive influence of foundation and corporate support can be seen all across the Berea College campus. Staff will work to match your organization’s philanthropic interests with Berea College needs.

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Student Philanthropy

Berea fosters the idea of philanthropy early and provides students with the opportunity to give back while still enrolled.

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Tangible Property and Gifts In-Kind

Berea accepts certain kinds of tangible gifts, such as art suitable for museum or classroom use. Find out more with our Gift In Kind Policy or fill out our Gift-in-Kind Acceptance Form

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Real Estate

Berea College can accept some types of real estate gifts. To find out more, contact us.