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The Way Out Fund

The Way Out Fund provides Berea’s students with the financial support they need to accept internship opportunities without the fear of accumulating debt. This unique fund seeks to explicitly remove the financial barriers that a Berea student will face making these hands-on experiences affordable for all students. The Way Out Fund was established by Scott, Robin, Collin, and Creighton Caldwell to help cover the costs that might prevent an excellent student from pursuing a life-changing opportunity.

“How are young people going to find their way out in the world when they cannot establish the networking opportunities and internship experiences that allow them to compete with students who have the financial means to engage in multiple internships with multiple companies, in cities across the country and around the world?”

Scott Caldwell, Lead Donor and Former Berea College Trustee


Our continuing commitment is to help each student progress toward a degree while developing the skills, knowledge, and habits necessary for success and fulfillment. Participation in high-impact learning opportunities such as internships is key to realizing our commitment. Internships are linked to increases in graduation rates and lead to richer educational experiences that move students forward on their chosen career paths.


But internships, many of which are unpaid, present a significant financial burden for Berea’s students. Expenses such as travel, room and board, as well as professional business attire can put internships out of reach.

Your gift to The Way Out Fund—a true career and connectivity catalyst—makes you a part of our students’ success.

“The most valuable thing I gained was an understanding of what it means to be a working fine artist. Attending the residency showed me so many different approaches to making a living off of art.”
-Adelheide Stetzer ’21
New York Academy of Art
New York, New York

Where will he get $3,500?

Holden was offered an unpaid internship at Ainsworth-Noah, a design company in Atlanta, Georgia. Out-of-pocket costs for Holden to accept this position were $3,500.

Housing: $1,300

Transportation: $600

Food $1,000

Business Attire $600

Total: $3,500

Note: For Holden to take this unpaid internship, he would be forgoing his earnings from his traditional summer job in the amount of $3,480.

Josh Boone

Joshua Boone ’20
Internship with St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum
St. Augustine, Florida

Rachel Bates

Rachel Bates ’20
Internship with Boulder Writing Studio
Boulder, Colorado

Kerstin Price

Kerstin Price ’20
Internship with One the Move Art Studio
Lexington, Kentucky

“Internships are high-impact, pivotal educational experiences that change lives, and it is easy for people to get excited about being part of that. Since many excellent internship positions are unpaid, The Way Out Fund makes it possible for students to participate in opportunities that allow them to develop skills, expand their professional networks, and come away with greater confidence in themselves and clarity in terms of their career direction.”  -Esther Livingston, Director of Internships