Teresa Kash Davis ’84, CFRE

Teresa Kash Davis

Teresa Kash Davis ’84, CFRE is currently the Senior Associate Vice President for Philanthropy at Berea College. In her role, she leads the Individual and Planned Philanthropy team while managing a portfolio of friends, alumni, and prospective supporters.

After a career as a financial entrepreneur and executive in 2012, Teresa transitioned to serve her alma mater. Now, with more than nine years of fundraising experience and increasing responsibility, she enjoys interacting with and supporting current students. After fundraising for the Berea College Concert Choir trips, she traveled to Spain and Portugal and, more recently, to Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia, introducing new audiences to Berea College. She served as the lead fundraiser for the MAC Natural Sciences and Health Building. Teresa enjoys working alongside dedicated donors to help them provide educational opportunities like these and many others for Berea’s low-wealth, high potential students from Appalachia and beyond.

Teresa hails from Frenchburg, KY, in Menifee County, located in the heart of Appalachia. She graduated from Berea in 1984 with a B.S. in Business Administration. As a Berea student, Teresa worked as a teacher’s assistant in the English department, a Hutchins Library associate, and a Boone Tavern server and front desk clerk. She notes these positions provided a sound foundation and professional preparedness for her career.

Teresa has been married to her husband, Roxy, since 1992. They have two children, Isaiah and Isabella, attending Eastern Kentucky University and Morehead State University. They love to travel, shop, hike, and host gatherings as a family. Beyond work, Teresa volunteers to help those in need. She is also a civic leader in her local and church communities.


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Contact Teresa by calling 859-985-3132 or emailing daviste@berea.edu