Reunion Giving

Visitors posing for a picture at the MAC building

Every year Berea welcomes alumni to campus for their reunion and encourages class campaigns designed by their Reunion Giving Chairs as a way of connection and engagement. We hope that you will join your class efforts to help support current and future Berea for generations to come!

Class Reunions

Summer Reunion is June 10-12, 2022
Classes of 1957, 1962, 1967, 1972, 1977, 1982, 1987, 1992

Homecoming is Canceled

Reunion Volunteer Highlights

Daniela Pirela Manares '20

“Since I came as an International student from Venezuela, I was scared for the differences in culture and language. However, I found a family, friends, and created connections on day one. Not only do I have the opportunity to work as a staff member on campus, but as volunteer, I am able to share my love for Berea and its students with my classmates and colleagues. Besides the fuzzy feelings of helping people, knowing that you are making a difference is the best thing. We have a saying in my country that goes, “drop per drop makes an ocean of difference.’”Daniela Pirela Manares ‘20

Guy Adams '81

“I chose to volunteer because it’s the least I can do to attempt to repay Berea College, in some small way, for transforming my life. During my time on campus, I was transformed from a mediocre student who entered reading on an 8th grade level to someone confident in my academic abilities. Berea College alumni have made an incredible difference in the world and knowing I’m a small part of its rich, impactful history is both meaningful and encouraging to me.” -Guy Adams ’81

Check out how our reunion classes are doing with their campaigns below

Reunion Campaigns

Class of 2021

$63 Raised | 4 Donors

Class Goal:

Reunion Giving Chair:
Madeline Kujabi

Class of 2016

$606 Raised | 10 Donors

Class Goal:

Reunion Giving Chair:
Carmellia Jackson

Class of 2011

$884 Raised | 12 Donors


Class of 2006

$804 Raised | 16 Donors


Class of 2001

$1,357 Raised | 8 Donors


Class of 1996

$786 Raised | 11 Donors


Class of 1992

$569 Raised | 7 Donors

Class Goal:

Reunion Giving Chair:
Jennifer Stafford

Class of 1987

$268 Raised | 9 Donors


Class of 1982

$1,979 Raised | 9 Donors

Class Goal:

Reunion Giving Chairs:
Liz and Ron Robinette

Class of 1977

$110 Raised | 2 Donors

Class Goal:

Reunion Giving Chair:
Cathy Brinkley

Class of 1972

$8,075 Raised | 16 Donors

Class Goal:
$50,000 from 50 donors

Reunion Giving Co-Chairs:
Janie Frazier and Nancy Melton

Reunion Giving Committee Members:
Linda Berry
Larry Collins
Ron Deaver
Ancie Hatfield
Ruth Rogers Hawkins
Peggy Harrison Prichard
Donna Carter Yost

Class of 1967

$11,623 Raised | 16 Donors

Class of 1962

$4,488 Raised | 15 Donors


Class of 1957

$550 Raised| 7 Donors



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Director of Annual Giving
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