Reunion Giving

This year Berea welcomes alumni to return to campus during their reunion and contribute through class campaigns designed by their class giving chairs as a way to connect and engage. We hope that you will join your class efforts to help support current and future Bereans for generations to come.

Class of 1992

$2,630 Raised         18 Donors

Goal $5,000

The class of 1992 is utilizing a variety of tools in order to reach their goal, such as, social media designed to reconnect the class back to campus. Through this campaign classmates will not only be helping future Bereans, but also will have the opportunity to strengthen old bonds, and re-engage with the campus community.

Class of 1997

$3,533 Raised         23 Donors

Goal $20,000

We should do our part to ensure future Bereans can join our unique and close family by supporting the Berea Fund.  Let’s come together as the Class of 1997 by raising $20,000 in honor of our 20th Reunion.  This is an exciting time in Berea’s history, so let’s make it possible for Berea’s mission to carry on for years to come!

Class of 2002

$5,496 Raised         17 Donors

Goal $15,000

The class of 2002 is using a variety of techniques to ensure they meet their $15,000 goal. They are engaging their classmates in conversation, reminding them of what they love about Berea. In addition, by using social media they are reconnecting classmates back in touch with each other, strengthening the bonds that are uniquely Berea.

Class of 2007

$11,427 Raised        53 Donors

Goal $10,000

Berea is excited to have the class of 2007 back on-campus! We hope that this reunion is the most successful and memorable day since graduation. Their campaign is using a variety of tools that will help them reach their $10,000 goal. They are reaching out to their classmates through the student phonathon and social media to reconnect classmates.

Class of 2012

$2,612 Raised         31 Donors

Goal $5,000

The class of 2012 is hoping to raise $5,000 during their campaign, and is using a strategic method by having a large committee who will personally reach out to classmates in their class. They are also utilizing tools such as social media to re-engage classmates and to strengthen their classes bond.

Class of 2017

$527 Raised         22 Donors

Goal $2,500

Graduation has come and gone. Some of us shed tears while others were filled with pride or a sense of accomplishment while walking across the stage. We endured years of late night study sessions, constant renovations, squirrels, and made amazing memories that will last a lifetime. How are we suppose to move on from the place that sculpted us into the people we are today? Just because we graduated does not mean that the involvement from the Class of 2017 has to end. Join our class giving campaign to help create many more graduations, memories, and opportunities for future Bereans.