Invest in Bright Young Minds

Benjamin Hall '19
Benjamin Hall '19

Your gift to Berea College will invest in bright young minds, finding and fulfilling their passion in life. Many of our deserving students come from disadvantaged backgrounds and have faced issues that seem insurmountable. But they made it here, and with your support they will succeed. Will you consider making a gift to Berea College today?

By supporting the Berea Fund and the Tuition Promise Scholarship program, you and others like you help Berea students pursue their education without adding the worry of overwhelming debt. Your support of Berea produces such good citizens such as Herbie Brock, who graduated in 2008 and is now serving his community as a teacher. Brock, one of several Appalachian-area educators who heavily promote Berea to their students, knows firsthand how much your support of Berea College students means.

“If your goal is to make the world a better place, Berea is a great return on your investment.”

Brock says he came to Berea, in part, because another alum encouraged him to apply. The child of a single parent who says “money for a four-year college experience was not an option for me.”

Brock praises the faculty and Berea’s requirement that all students work a campus job, which he says helped immensely when the time came for him to find employment.

“Berea is all about equal opportunity for populations who are often overlooked, but it’s not a handout,” he said. “Every Berea student works for their opportunity, through the Labor Program and in their classes. I got my first job because of my professional work experience at Berea, my faculty recommendations, and my outstanding education. Berea gave me something I wouldn’t have gotten from any other college, a jump-start on my career.”

Tamilyn Ingram ’99, guidance counselor at Menifee County High School in Kentucky, remembers how excited she was to become a part of the Berea College family. She learned about the College when an Appalachian outreach program came to her hometown. Ingram visited campus for a conference as part of that program, and says she was hooked.

Tamilyn Ingram '99
Tamilyn Ingram '99

“Being from a lower-middle-class family of six, I knew my family would not have had the monetary resources to pay for my college. I didn’t want to financially burden my family with debt. I wanted to go away to college, but still be close to home. I loved every aspect about Berea: liberal arts, work-study, the travel abroad program, and small classes, etc. Once I visited, I just knew that was where I was meant to be.”

These days, Ingram, like Brock, is committed to helping connect the right students with Berea College. Students in whom she sees the talent and drive to succeed.

“The students I work with are just like I was, the same type of family structure and socioeconomic status. Berea makes it possible for them to get a world-class college degree without the burden of the cost or debt,” Ingram said.

“To me and my students, the value of Berea is priceless because of the community support and the opportunities given to everyone who is willing to put in the hard work.”

Student Benjamin Hall
Benjamin Hall '19

One of Tamilyn’s student success stories is Benjamin Hall, a sophomore Asian Studies and Theatre major from Menifee County, Kentucky.

“We had an amazing guidance counselor who pushed people to pursue higher education. She is a Berea alum, and the one who encouraged me to go here.”

Benjamin’s journey has just begun at Berea, thanks to Tamilyn, and will continue to succeed with your support. This promising young man has achieved the Dean’s List both semesters in his freshman year, and continues to succeed in his academics, and in life.

“Berea helps people that others may feel have no future – but Berea sees that we are capable of success despite everything we’ve gone through.”

With so much resting on these shoulders, shouldn’t tuition be the one thing that others carry for them? This is the Berea Promise, and it is only possible with the help of friends like you.

With your generous support today, Berea can help hundreds of students each year overcome hurdles and improve the quality of their lives through education. Please make your gift to help provide Tuition Promise Scholarships for Berea’s next generation of exceptional students.