Funding Opportunities

Berea’s Great Commitments help us capture the essence of the College, and they direct our complex mission year after year. We provide a residential liberal arts education without charging tuition and every student admitted to the College works on campus in a labor position. We welcome and encourage values such as diversity, inclusion, and impartial love.

See our greatest needs and funding opportunities below and make your gift today to invest in the lives of great promise that continue to be inspired by the Great Commitments.

Berea Fund & Annual Scholarships

Greatest Need

At Berea, we believe talented students should not miss out on a high-quality education just because they cannot afford rising tuition costs. No Berea student pays tuition. The Berea Fund touches the lives of every Berea College student in so many ways and enables the great mission of the College by completing the tuition scholarship every student receives.

100 in 100: Berea College Great Commitments Society

100 in 100

In 1920, the Berea College Board of Trustees decided that all bequests shall be considered as additions to the permanent endowment funds of the College, unless otherwise designated. In recognition of this 100-year anniversary, Berea College is seeking 100 newly committed bequestors during the yearlong celebration of the decision. These donors who include Berea in their estate plans become members of the Great Commitments Society and will receive recognition as part of this effort.

Student posing for a picture

Carl & Deborah Thomas African American Opportunity Endowment

This fund supports the recruitment and retention of African American students. Your gift will contribute to programs such as T.R.U.T.H. Talks and the Black Male Leadership Initiative, which includes tutoring, mentoring, and skill-building resources to help students succeed both academically and socially.

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Direct Aid

You can also help students beyond the cost of their tuition. A generous gift to Direct Aid will help relieve students of those costs associated with college education other than tuition. By giving to Direct Aid, you support funding for students’ housing, meals, books, and supplies.

Diversity & Inclusion

Berea College strives to maintain a rich learning community that welcomes and respects all peoples of the earth. You can support programs and resources that promote an inclusive and diverse campus community committed to shaping leaders from Appalachia and beyond, who represent every ethnicity, gender identity, religion, and culture.

Berea College Homecoiming 2017

Division III Athletics

At Berea College, wellness matters. Athletics play an important role in maintaining a healthy residential community. Our ascent to the NCAA Division III in 2017-18 is still challenging student-athletes to excel on the field and deepening the camaraderie among the Berea community. With this gift, you can proudly support Berea athletics.

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Science Excellence Fund

This fund allows Berea to maximize the boundless opportunities presented by our new Margaret A. Cargill Natural Sciences and Health Building. Your gift provides support for curriculum and program development as well as resources for students and faculty, stimulating intellect and curiosity at the highest level.

A student receives a dental exam

Student Dental Health Initiative

Berea College provides every student with access to routine dental services through a partnership with a local clinic. A gift to support this area will help Berea continue to address oral health challenges and encourage ongoing preventive dental care habits, improving the overall health and success of students.