Ehis Akhetuamhen

Major: Business (Accounting and Finance)
Hometown: Nigeria

Personal growth

  • Berea was actually the only U.S. school I applied to because even the application fees for other schools were about $50. I couldn’t even afford that at that time. If Berea wasn’t Berea and didn’t do what it does with the full-tuition scholarships, I could have never achieved that dream of coming to the U.S. and having the education we have here.
  • Between now and when I first arrived, I feel like the amount of growth I have experienced these four years has just been phenomenal.
  • Berea has helped me to develop that belief and confidence that I could be me. I can speak my opinions and stand up for what I believe in and not just go with what everyone else thinks.
Ehis Akhetuamhen