Dustin ’22

Dustin '22Dustin ’22 followed his talent for Computer Science by applying to Berea College. As a first-year student, he was assigned the Labor Program position of Facilities Assistant, seeing to the janitorial needs of campus buildings. Dustin found the work equal parts humbling and satisfying.

“Scrubbing toilets at 6 a.m. taught me to take pride in any work I do. I’m proud I did it well, so anybody can go in and feel safe and clean,” Dustin said. And Dustin’s hard work didn’t go unnoticed. It didn’t take him long to earn a promotion to Student Manager of Facilities Assistants, which is giving him valuable management experience before he even enters the workforce.

Along the way, Dustin also took a second job as a Teaching Assistant for classes in the Engineering Technologies and Applied Design department. Here, he helps students understand the nuts and bolts of industrial design software, which also deepens his grasp of his own coursework. Thankfully, all of Dustin’s experiences in the Labor Program helped him build the skills and confidence to succeed in a competitive data analytics internship at a mortgage company last summer. His talent and can-do attitude impressed his supervisors, and his daily work gave him further proof of his own reliability. “I have had a lot of responsibilities, but they’ve all taught me that I can handle just about anything and still learn from the experience and help people despite the challenge,” Dustin said. “I think that’s what the Labor Program is all about. I like that it made me a go-to guy.”

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