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Rachel Morgan

rachel-morgan-04-515x300Major: Psychology
Hometown: Lexington, KY

Personalized education

  • I looked at a lot of colleges, but financially it just wasn’t working. My mom offered to work three jobs to make it happen, but she’s close to retirement and I just couldn’t do that. Then I found Berea. When I told my mom about Berea, she cried a bit. She told me that “I was just in Bible study and we just prayed about being able to afford your college, so this is an answer to our prayer.”
  • I’ve gone to professional interviews now, and have had to explain to people about Berea and all that it is and entails. That’s made me realize how many advantages I’ve had being here—my work, my extracurricular activities, my friends, and my classes.
  • I talked to some of my friends at other colleges and they tell me that their smallest class size is 200, and I just can’t imagine that—I wouldn’t even be able to function in a class that big. The small class sizes have been something that I’ve really enjoyed.  It’s a huge asset to Berea’s students that maybe they don’t realize until they start talking to friends at other institutions.

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