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Major: Biology
Paintsville, Kentucky
Student Manager of Berea Teen Mentoring with the Center for Excellence in Learning Through Service (CELTS)
Student Government Association, Peer Mentoring

Serving Others is Just Part of Life

Promising Future

milli-c-250I’m from Paintsville, a tiny rural town in southeastern Kentucky. It’s the kind of place where everyone knows everyone on a first, middle, and last name basis.

Growing up, I don’t think anybody really expected me to go to college. But I had the drive, ambition, and desire to go places, so I always saw myself going to college.

It’s really something to be the first in your family to go to college. I looked at other schools, but there was really no way. They were too expensive. Berea has truly given me the opportunity of a lifetime.

Experiencing Berea

Berea’s been a completely new but very positive experience for me. I get to meet people not just from other states but also from other countries. It’s just incredible seeing all of these different cultures and ideologies come together in one place. I feel like I’m part of a close-knit family even though we all have such diverse beliefs.

Berea’s also helped me strengthen my own beliefs because so many of my courses challenge me to think deeply about what I believe and why. Since coming here, I’ve developed a much better understanding of who I am.

I have a lot of interests, and at Berea, I can explore them all. My labor position is with the Berea Teen Mentoring program, so I get to help local teens prepare for college, work, and life after high school. It’s the perfect job for me because it combines work and service. For me, serving others is just part of life.

Berea has really changed my view of service. Before coming here, I thought service just meant helping people. Now I know that it is helping people for the right reasons. It’s about respecting the people you serve and knowing there is value in what they do and how they live.

Living Out Dreams

I’ve always wanted to be a doctor. Before going to medical school, I want to join Teach for America and teach biology in Appalachia. Then, once I’m a doctor, I would like to work for an organization like Doctors Without Borders.

To me, the point of going to college and getting an education is putting it to use somewhere. I may not end up curing cancer, but I think every bit I do helps.


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