Summer Connections

Student Leadership Members, 2014

First-Year Initiatives hosts a one-day event for incoming students and their families twice in the month of June. Students get to connect with faculty, staff and their peers while learning more about the Berea College experience. Summer Connections is focused on connecting incoming students to campus culture, expectations and familiarizing themselves with Berea through various workshops.


You can register to attend Summer Connections via the Online Orientation portal, which launches in May. For more information on how to access your Online Orientation, please refer to your welcome packet or call/email us at 1-888-481-2678 or


Coming Soon!

Summer Read

This summer, you will receive a common reading book that is shared by all incoming students. The book is specially selected to enhance your understanding of this transition, and there will be opportunities for discussion when you arrive in August. More information coming soon!

BEREAdy T-shirts

Each year, the BEREAdy T-shirt has a unique design created by our Office of First-Year Initiatives student staff. See the Incoming Class of 2019’s design below. Each student who attends Summer Connections will get their very own!