Student Leadership

Student Leadership Members, 2014


The student Orientation Team (O-Team) is a group of high energy Berea College students whose goal is to help first-year students make a smooth transition to their new home. Members of the O-Team help students move into their residence halls, lead orientation sessions throughout the week, provide guidance and mentorship to incoming students, and make sure new students are making the connections they need to be successful at Berea College.

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TA/Peer Leaders

Student TA/Peer Leaders work with incoming students in their GSTR 110 course, which is taught by the incoming student’s first year Academic Advisor. TA/Peer Leaders assist new students with their academic development, such as writing and critical thinking, and also serve as a peer mentor for students working with them on issues such as transition to college, major exploration, course registration, connecting to campus resources, and more.

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Office of First-Year Initiatives Student Staff

From the moment you receive your acceptance letter, the student staff in the Office of First-Year Initiatives is available to help you begin planning your transition to Berea College. Our student staff serve as the frontline communicators to the incoming students, they work closely with programming efforts carried out through our office, and serve an important role in guiding members of O-Team.

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Student Staff

Grace Callow Portrait

Grace Callow
Major: Business Administration and Spanish

Lauren Heller Portrait

Lauren Heller
Major: Independent—Health Science

Bridget Bill

Major: Nursing

Kitumaini Nturubika

Major: Psychology

Jaleesa Nunez
Major: Sociology