Outcomes of the First-Year Experience Program

Berea College

The First Year Experience is designed to provide students with foundational skills, supportive relationships, habits of mind, and the confidence necessary to make a successful transition to a college learning environment.  At Berea College, this includes active learning in the classroom, intentional developmental advising, a residential experience that supports human growth and academic achievement, and a labor program experience that educates students on the relationship between work and learning.  Upon completion of the first year, students will be better prepared to take charge of their educational and personal goals, and become active, engaged citizens of our campus and broader global community.  At its core, the first year experience operates with the following goals in mind:

    • Provide opportunities for students to further develop pre-existing skills and learn new skills which are deemed crucial to both academic and personal success and which enhance students’ abilities to become effective and engaged learners. (Skills/Abilities)
    • Instill and cultivate the habits of mind that are necessary to form a strong foundation for success in college and beyond. (Foundations)
    • Foster engaged learning by helping students better understand how to take responsibility for their own education using the full range of resources and activities the College has to offer. (Engagement)
    • Present students with opportunities to explore and refine their personal, educational, and career goals by gaining a more complete understanding of themselves and their motivations for achieving success in college. (Discovery)
    • Help students develop mutually supportive relationships with faculty, staff, and peers that contribute to engaged learning and success in all spheres of their college experience. (Relationships)
    • Cultivate a greater sense of connection, responsibility and belonging that allows students to become fully engaged citizens of the college, the community, and the world. (Community)