Orientation Week

Orientation Week 2016

From the moment you arrive on campus Saturday, August 20 until classes and labor begin on Wednesday, August 24, you will be immersed in Berea’s New Student Orientation. The week is filled with activities aimed at helping you make a smooth transition to your new home, and introducing you to the people and places that can help you succeed.

The first day (Saturday, August 20) you will begin the morning by moving into your residence hall with the assistance of our student Orientation Team, a group of upperclass students, faculty, and administrators who want to make your move to Berea a pleasant one. In the afternoon students and their families will attend the Ceremony of Dedication, the official welcome to Berea by President Lyle Roelofs. Following the ceremony, families will have the opportunity to their goodbyes to students before they begin their trip home.

The days that follow will be filled with activities, information sessions, tryouts, and opportunities to make bonds with fellow students, culminating with the beginning of classes and labor on Wednesday August 24. A full schedule of the Orientation Week activities will be available on this site in the days leading up to Orientation Week.