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Our goal with FRESH Start is to help with the transition from high school to college for first-year students. With the partnership of Student Life and the Academic division, we strive to help students learn and practice strategies of wellness that are supportive to both the classroom and their living environment. Your student will explore the eight dimensions of wellness with their peers through Residence Hall Events and in the classroom taking WELL 101 and WELL 102. We invite you to encourage your students to get connected by checking out B-Linked to see all FRESH Start events at

The Berea College’s wellness initiative includes:

  • Feel Better Fast, which provides a set of skills to better manage common mental and emotional health issues. The series will take place in the office of Counseling Services;
  • Tell Me Series, a series that supports students’ transition into college with a focus on health and wellness. This series is based on relationships and dating, alcohol awareness, and healthy lifestyles;
  • Berea Unplugged, which challenges students to remove themselves from technology and take time to de‐stress and recharge without social media interruptions or distractions;
  • Visioning, a program specifically for first‐year students to help them with visioning of future occupational possibilities based on their passions and commitments. Hosted by The Office of Internships and Career Development;
  • Work and Learning, where first‐year students and their Supervisors work together in three sessions to talk about the importance of the College’s core values and the importance of work‐life balance;
  • Labyrinth, which empowers and supports students’ spiritual seeking and growth through events such as A Place to Pause and Chapel Worship;
  • Count on your future, which works to deepens student understanding of financial wellness through collaboration with Student Financial Aid Services;
  • The Pinnacle Cup, an inclusive first‐year competition that encourages participation in FRESH Start‐related events, programs, and activities.

For more information, also visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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