First-Year Students

Want to find balance in your time at Berea College? Find out how through FRESH Start.

First-year Residential Experience Supporting Health START

In your first-year at Berea College you are automatically apart of the FRESH Start initiative. There are a variety of opportunities on campus and it can sometimes be daunting trying to navigate all of them. Join your peers in the classroom in WELL 101 and WELL 102 to explore the dimensions of wellness fully and take time to engage in the variety of opportunities throughout campus. Whether you attend events so that your hall can win the coveted Pinnacle Cup, or because you simply want a smoother transition into college life, we welcome you to explore and find your balance here at Berea College.

As you explore this website, notice the plethora of resources and information at your fingertips. From why FRESH Start was created to how it impacts you as students now, may this knowledge better inform you to determine how to successfully navigate your first year on campus.


Alicia Klopfer

Student Life

FRESH Start Implementation Team

Eight Dimensions of Wellness

FRESH Start offers a variety of activities and opportunities that address all eight dimensions of wellness. These activities take place both inside and outside the classroom to promote holistic health.

Want to learn more about the eight dimensions of wellness? Explore how you can find your balance in your time at Berea College.