Spanish Movies

LocationTitle (as of 1/2/03)Call #MediaRunNotesT
HAlsino and the Condor791.435 A461VHSff
HAmantes del circulo polar791.436 A484VHS108ff
HAmerica BecomingOff air
HAmor Brujo, El, TD791.435 A524VHS100ff
HAy, Carmela!791.43 A974ff
HBelle Epoque940.L111cVHS60ff
HBodas de Sangre792.8 B666aVHS71ff
HButterfly Wings929.B988VHS105ff
HCabeza de Vaca791.43 C114VHS108ff
HCamila791.43 C183cVHS105replaced lost copyff
HCiudad y Los Perros135ff
HCria: The Secret of Anna791.435 C928VHS70ff
HCronica del Alba791.435 C947VHS82ff
HCronos791.43 C947VHS92ff
HCuban Artists in Miami917.291 C962VHS24doc
HDanzon791.437 D199VHS103ff
HDay You Love Me, The987.063 D273VHS89ff
HDeath and the Maiden808.838 D278VHS103ff
HDemons in the Garden791.435 D384VHS100ff
HDiego Rivera: Frescos759.972 F884VHS35doc
HDon Quixote808.838 C419VHS110ff
HDon Segundo Sombra863.D674VHS110ff
HDona Barbara863.D675VHS138ff
HDona Herlinda and her son791.436 D674DVD also in Labff
HErnesto "Che" Guevara: The Bolivian Diary9.84E+73VHS94doc
HFar Away and Long Ago791.43 A416VHS91ff
HFlamenco791.436 F578cVHS55doc
HFortunata Y Jacinta863.F745VHS108ff
HFunny Dirty Little War809.917 F979VHS80ff
HGarden of Delight791.435 G218VHS95ff
HGolden Cockrel808.82 G618VHS105ff
HGoya759.6 G724cVHS54doc
HGuantanamera791.437 G913VHS104ff
HHalf of Heaven791.435 H169VHS127ff
HHemingway in Cuba828H4883VHS30doc
HHispanic & Latin Am. Video: Simon Bolivar322.42 S594VHSdoc
HHoly Innocents791.435 H761VHS108ff
HI, the Worst of All107doc
HJuarez972.07 J91bVHS123ff
HKiss of the Spider Woman791.433 K43VHS120ff
HLas Madres de la Plaza de Mayo070.18 L337PBSdoc
HLast Evening with Teresa791.435 L349VHS106ff
HLast Supper, The791.435 L349sVHS110ff
HLike Water for Chocolate8.63E+76VHS105ff
HLos Olvidados (The Young and the Damned)ff
HLovers/Amantes791.43 L897VHS105ff
HMacario791.43 M115bVHS91book in labff
HMama Turns 100791.435 M263VHS100ff
HMan Facing Southeast791.433 M266cVHS105ff
HMan of la Mancha129ff
HMaria Candelariaff
HMariachi, El972 M332VLD90ff
HMarianela791.43 M333VHS113ff
HMary My Dearest791.43 M393VHS100ff
HMemories of Underdevelopment791.435 M533cVHS97ff
HMiracle in Rome808.25 M675VHS76ff
HMiracle of Marcelino, The291.657 M671VHS98ff
HMiss Mary791.435 M678VHS100ff
HMissing791.437 M678VHS122ff
HMuerte de un burocrata791.436 M948VHS87ff
HMuerto, El860E+39VHS103ff
HMusic of Latin America781.6 M985cVHS20doc
HNest, The791.435 N468VHS109ff
HNorte, El3.06E+39VHS141ff
HOld Gringo791.43 F954cVHS120ff
HOn Top of the World: Cuba917.291 C962VHS30also in Labdoc
HOrfeu791.436 O67DVDff
HPicasso: The man and his work759 P 585VHS902 tapesdoc
HPlaza del Diamante860.P696VHS112
HPortrait of an Artist: El Greco7.60E+39cVHS30 oversizedoc
HPortrait of Teresa791.435 P839VHS103ff
HPostino791.437 S626VHS108ff
HRatas, ratones y rateros791.436 R232DVD107ff
HRegenta, La863L111VHS94ff
HRegenta, La94ff
HRodrigo D: No Future791.43 R696VHS92ff
HRoots of Rhythm/History of Cuban Music781.62 R479VHSH. Belafte.3 tapesdoc
HRowing with the wind791.436 R882VHS95ff
HSalon Mexicoff
HSentinels of Silence972.01 S474cVHS18doc
HSeven Madmen110ff
HSevillanas792.8 S511VHS55
HSimon Bolivar791.43 S593VHs82ff
HSkyline791.43 S628VHS82ff
HSpanish American War973.89 A797VHSdoc
HSpanish American War973.89 C955VHS
HSpirit of the Beehive155.4 S759VHS95ff
HStand and Deliver791.434 S785cVHSgiftff
HStilts791.435 S856VHS95ff
HStrawberry and Chocolate791.43617 S913cVHS104ff
HSuper, El7.91E+39VHS80ff
HTango Bar791.435 T161cVHS90ff
HTango Lesson, The791.4366 T164VHS105ff
HTango: Our Dance793033 T164VHSdoc
HTigra, La791.43 C961VHS80ff
HTristana791.43 G149VHS98ff
HValentina791.435 V156VHS90ff
HVida es silbar, La791.436 V6476DVD106ff
HVirgen de los Sicarios, La791.436 V816VHS101ff
HWhat Have I Done to Deserve This?791.435 W555VHS100ff
HWomen on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown791.435 W872VHS88ff
HWuthering Heights791.43 B869wVHS90ff
HWuthering Heights810W959wuVHS107ff
HYo Soy Pablo Nureda29doc
LabAlhambra: Legacy of Moorish SpainVHS28doc
LabAmores Perrosff
LabArgentinisima 124035cVHS113oversizedoc
LabAymara, TheVHSKETdoc
LabAztec: The Present, Past and Myth ofoff airdoc
LabAzucar Amargaff
LabBallet Folklorico de Mexico334156cVHS113doc
LabBlack Orpheusff
LabBoca del Lobo27019cVHS111ff
LabBoom to Bustdoc
LabBuena Vista Social Clubdoc
LabBuried Mirroroff air/ 2 tapesdoc
LabCaracol: Lost City of the Maya in BelizeKETdoc
LabCarmen (Peter Brooks)cVHSde Rossetff
LabCarmen: Live From the Metff?
LabCartas del Parqueff
LabCastro's Cuba: Three Viewsoff airdoc
Labcc Columbus' World & An Idea Takes Shapedoc
Labcc In Search of Columbus & Myth of the Mayadoc
Labcc The Crossing & Worlds Found and Lostdoc
Labcc The Sword and the Cross & Columbian Exchangedoc
LabCelebrating the Day of the Dead28doc
LabChristmas in Spain30353cVHS43doc
LabColumbus and the Age of Discovery: 4 tapesoff airdoc
LabCrossover Dreamsoff airdoc
LabCuban Artists in Miamioff airdoc
LabDance of Hope3021513cVHS75doc
LabDay of the Dead: JanitzioVHS28doc
LabDecade of Destruction, The: Episode 2off airdoc
LabDetails of a DuelVHS97ff
LabDon Giovanniff
LabDona Herlinda and her sonff
LabEcuador and the Galapagos Experience, Thedoc
LabEl (This Strange Passion)ff
LabElisa Vida MiacVHSff
LabEnd of an Eraff?
LabEspana y Las AmericasVHS
LabEvita PeronA&Edoc
LabFederico Garcia Lorca Episode 3doc
LabFederico Garcia Lorca Episodes 1 & 2doc
LabFive Hundred Nations: Mexico-- The Rise and Fall349908cVHS49doc
LabFoods of Latin AmericaVHS
LabFray Felipe et alI
LabGood Fight, The: The Lincoln BrigadeVHS
LabGoya with P. DomingoVHS?
LabGreat Journeys-- MexicocVHS60KETdoc
LabGreen Wall, The26886cVHS110ff
LabHavanaoff airff
LabHispanic/Lat. Am. Heritage: Pablo Neruda
LabHispanic/Latin Am. Heritage: Juan & Evita Peron334618cVHS32doc
LabHispanic/Latin Am. Heritage: Pancho Villa334619cVHS28doc
LabHouse of Bernarda AlbaVHSKET 12/91ff
LabImproper Conduct/Mauvaise Conduite354608cVHS110French/Spanishdoc?
LabIncas RememberedVHS
LabIntroducing Latin AmericaVHS282 vols.doc
LabIntroducing South AmericaVHS28doc
LabJews in Medieval Spain347980VHS21doc
LabJuan Luis GuerracVHS50Graetzerdoc
LabLa Ley de Herodesff
LabLa PastorelaKETdoc
LabLike Water for Chocolate353316cVHS105ff
LabLos de Abajoff
LabLos Olvidados (The Young and the Damned)ff
LabLost Kingdoms of the MayaKET 5/93doc
LabLoyola, the Soldier Saint321510bVHS93doc
LabMaria Candelariaff
LabMas alla de la fronteraVHSj.b.doc
LabMemories of a Mexican302751bVHS60Salvador Toscanodoc
LabMexican Revolutiondoc
LabMexicans, The: Through Their EyesKET 3/92doc
LabMidaq Alleyff
LabMision de San Javierdoc
LabMission, The25080cVHS125ff
LabNature: Flight of the Condor/ From the Heart of the WorldKET 10/91doc
LabNobody Listeneddoc
LabNumeros y Colores en Espanol I, IIVHS
LabOfficial Story25108cVHS112ff
LabOn top of the world: CubacVHS30doc
LabPaquirri: Marcha al Triunfo25382bVHS63doc
LabPortrait of an Artist: Diego Rivera293260cVHS35oversizedoc
LabPortrait of an Artist: Frida Kahlo24763cVHS62oversizedoc
LabProfile of a writer: Jorge Luis BorgesVHS
LabQue Pasa, USA? 1doc
LabQue Pasa, USA? 2doc
LabQue Pasa, USA? 3doc
LabRana Valiente, LaVHS
LabRicardo Montalban's South America305694cVHS28doc
LabRoots of Rhythm/History of Cuban Musicoff airdoc
LabSalon Mexicoff
LabSalsa: Latin Pop Music in the Cities333370cVHS45doc
LabSegovia Programsoff airdoc
LabSegovia: The Mirror of Spanish HistoryVHS
LabSmithsonian World: CubacVHS2 of 3doc
LabSmithsonian World: Nova: Disappeared ArgentinacVHS3 of 3doc
LabSmithsonian World: Voices of Latin AmericacVHS1 of 3doc
LabSoul of Spain437057AVSdoc
LabSouth American Journey (1-4)KETdoc
LabSouth American Journey (5-8)VHS
LabSpain: Everything under the SunVHS
LabSpain: 10 Years After Francodoc
LabSpanish Civil War, The parts 1 & 2333732cVHS360doc
LabSPN for ChildrenVHS
LabSt. John of the CrossVHSgiftdoc
LabTecnicas de duelox
LabTodo el poderVHS102No subtitlesff
LabTravels in Spain: Toledo/Madrid, Andalusia/SevillecVHS30KET 1/96doc
LabTreasure of the Andesoff airdoc
LabUshuaia FAntastica: Patagonia437075VHS45Copy from C. Andradedoc
LabVeronico Cruzgiftff
LabWorld Video Travel: SpainVHS