Free Online Language Learning Platforms

DuolingoDuolingo logo is a free interactive and fun language learning platform. You can earn points for answers, race against the clock, and level up in a range of language combinations, from German, Spanish, and French to Turkish and Irish.

MemriseMemrise logo is a free crowd-sourced language-learning tool, best suited for learning vocabulary. It uses crowd-sourced courses that rely on flashcards and mnemonics – a scientific way to help the brain form vivid, lasting memories.

Mango LanguagesMango Languages logo, available through the Hutchins Library, teaches basic phrases and dialogues, rather than words and grammatical structures. It also has a cultural component and can be a tool for improving your conversation and listening skills in addition to classroom learning.

Foreign Language Films

Visit the World Languages section of Films on Demand through Hutchins Library for a selection of Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, or Spanish movies. You can also refer to this compilation of movies available at the Language Lab or at the Hutchins Library:

Other Resources

Check out a list of dictionaries, news sources and country descriptions sorted by language: