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Yelp! Review of Torrent Falls Climbing Adventure

Lucas Warner
EPG Cohort 7
June 21, 2010

As part of my participation in the Berea College Summer Institute, Entrepreneurship for the Public Good, I had the opportunity to visit and experience the facilities at Torrent Falls Climbing Adventure. Hidden from view from the road by the homey outfitting center, the horseshoe-shaped cove where visitors experience their climbing adventure is a magical creation of nature in a gorge famous in the East for its excellent rock climbing and extensive cliff system. What sets this experience apart is the crown jewel of the cove: the slender waterfall at its back. As I made my way around the cove, moving along the “via ferrata”, the cable and anchor system that makes this adventure manageable for the average visitor, I was moved by the beauty of the juxtaposed solid rock of the canyon and the swish and flow of the waterfall.

The “via ferrata” is in fact the defining feature of Torrent Falls Climbing Adventure. The first facility of its kind in the United States, the “via ferrata” allows you to move with relative ease and safety, across sections of the cliff and even behind the waterfall. If you take the advice of the instructor and take rests when you need them, it is possible to make your way all the way around the canyon to the exit point after section six. The fact that I could stand on the back porch of the center after I had completed the six sections and take in my accomplishment in one picturesque vista, was very satisfying.

Bring sunscreen, a camera with a wrist strap and a way to carry it in your belt. Also, be mindful of the way you use your muscle strength when you are up on the via ferrata. The technique used to move along the cable system is extremely safe, but can make the adventure take longer than you expect, so conserve your strength, and do not hesitate to use one of the five exit points to come down out of the sun for water and rest.

One last thing: come prepared for adventure.

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