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Omo Soremi Attends ‘Exploring Liberty’ Seminar at Yale University, Sponsored by the Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason University

Berea College student and EPG Candidate Omowunmi (Omo) M. Soremi (Cohort 6), a junior from Nigeria, was one of 71 students worldwide attended the “Exploring Liberty” Seminar at Yale University from June 19-26. Instructors from institutions including Hillsdale College, Towson University, Rhodes College, and Ohio University conducted the one week summer seminar organized for students to share the ideas of liberty and the free market, classical liberal philosophies, and the importance of the individual.
Omo was invited into the program through contacts made while exploring internships at the Koch Foundation.

Topics discussed through the week included ‘What we should want from government,’ ‘Prices and knowledge,’ ‘Profit, loss, and discovery’. Omo was exposed to ideas such as “central planners cannot possibly know all; the ultimate resource is people (the human mind), especially skilled, spirited young people; there is no limit to economic growth”.

The Seminar has inspired OMO greatly as she has met many new people, students and faculty, who share similar interests, coming from different places and holding a variety of perspectives. Also, as a participating student from a small liberal arts college, Omo summed up the experience in these words, “Finding myself among many Ivy League scholars and students from other major universities has been consistently challenging me to broaden my knowledge and critical thinking skills. In just one week I gained more knowledge than I ever have in any other place in such a short time.”

Omo is using the seminar to enhance her internship in small business financing with Community Ventures Corporation, Frankfort, Kentucky, via EPG. Community Ventures Corporation provides loans to business people and home owners through the government’s Small Business Loans program, an aspect of policy implementation.

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