Entrepreneurship for the Public Good

Exploring Internship Options

During the final weeks of the Summer Institute, EPG Fellows are encouraged to begin thinking about what type of internship they would like to do during the second summer. During the fall and spring semesters, students work with EPG staff to identify one or more internship possibilities. Although EPG maintains a catalog of potential internship sponsors, students are expected to be proactive in seeking potential internship opportunities that meet EPG program guidelines and student learning goals. EPG guidelines include:


  • Agencies should be entrepreneurial in their operation and management;
  • Agencies should serve a public good;
  • Agencies must be able to identify one or more opportunities for the student to provide value, while gaining valuable skills and knowledge;
  • Agencies must have the capacity to mentor and supervise an intern; and

Where possible, agencies will support the internship through financial or other means (assistance with housing or transportation, etc.).

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