Entrepreneurship for the Public Good

Campus-Wide Activities

One of the core features of the EPG program since its inception has been to encourage students from any major or background to learn and apply entrepreneurship and leadership skills in a wide variety of contexts. Agriculture students can learn entrepreneurial concepts pertinent to farming and forestry industries; nursing students can learn how to set up a clinic; and students studying sustainability and environmental studies can learn what kind of leadership it takes to promote collaboration among economic, environmental and social service sectors.

In addition to the two-year, intensive study program and expanded curriculum offerings, the EPG program supports a number of student outreach activities. Some of these activities are listed below.

  • Speakers & Workshops – Local business and community leaders are invited to share their entrepreneurship and leadership experiences and inspire students to consider entrepreneurial career choices as part of our speaker series. Recent workshops have included business start-up, leadership styles and preferences, and developing creative abilities.

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