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2007 Winners

3rd Annual Social Venture Showcase, April 14, 2007

Eco-friendly school, online group trip planner, and heirloom seeds are just three of the concepts presented at the 3rd Annual Appalachian IDEAS Network Social Venture Showcase, which took place April 14th at the Radisson Plaza hotel in downtown Lexington, KY.  Seven teams of students from five colleges across the Appalachian region presented their social venture concept in front of a panel of judges and competed for grants to implement their concept.

Below is a list of participating teams. For a longer description of a team’s concept, please click on the team name.

First Place ($2500)

Team Name: HomeGrown HideAways
Team Concept: An ecological design/build school to educate and empower those who are interested in minimizing their ecological impacts through experiential workshops that promote energy efficiency using appropriate technologies.
College: Berea College (Berea, KY)
Team Members: Jessa Turner (hometown: Lexington, KY); Megan Naseman (hometown: Anna Ohio)
Faculty Advisor: Debbi Brock

Second Place ($1500)

Team Name: Reverse Traverse
Team Concept: An online tool that would aid individuals and groups plan trips both large and small on a budget and with a particular interest focus
College: East Tennessee State University (Johnson City, TN)
Team Members: Danielle Oprean (hometown:Hendersonville, NC); James Spencer (hometown: Middletown, OH); Patrick McQueeney(hometown: Kingsport, TN)
Faculty Advisor: Andy Clark

Third Place ($1000)

Team Name: SAGAS
Team Concept: Collect and document the history of heirloom seeds; archive and create informative seed packets
College: North Georgia College and State University (Dahlonega, GA)
Team Members: Malina Maldonado (hometown: Sugar Hill, GA); Misty Green (hometown: Commerce, GA); Brianna Brown (hometown: Royston, GA)
Faculty Advisor:  Kelly West

Other Participating Teams

Team Name: Carson-Newman College of Social Entrepreneurship Team
Team Concept: Reduce nature deficit disorder through an ecotourism approach
College: Carson-Newman College (Jefferson City, TN)
Team Members: Brandi Bolyard (hometown: Jefferson City, TN); Jamie Collins (hometown: Jefferson City, TN); Lyndsay Dawson (hometown: Kingsport, TN)
Faculty Advisor:  Guy Larry Osborne

Team Name: NGCSU Psi Chi Food Bank Project
Team Concept: Using eBay to fund a nonprofit food bank service
College: North Georgia College and State University (Dahlonega, GA)
Team Members: Vicki Herrin (hometown: Dahlonega, GA); Billy Breedlove (hometown: Blairsville, GA)
Faculty Advisor:  Chuck Robertson

Team Name: Eco Gym
Team Concept: Design a better exercise machine that can be used to generate power and get fit and gyms across Kentucky
College: Berea College (Berea, KY)
Team Members: Elizabeth Nolan (hometown: Seabrook, NH); Maya Benami (hometown: Knoxville, TN); Nathan Hall (hometown: Allen, KY); Micah Johnson (hometown: Dunmore, WV)
Faculty Advisor:  Debbi Brock

Team Name: KySat
Team Concept: Kentucky Satellite
College: University of Kentucky (Lexington, KY)
Team Members: Samuel Hishmeh (hometown: Horse Cave, KY); Dale McClure (hometown: Possum Trot, KY); Tyler Doering (hometown: Walton, KY); Thomas Dodson (hometown: Lexington, KY); Garrett Chandler (hometown: Quitman, TX)
Faculty Advisor:  James E. Lumpp

Team Name: HomeGrown HideAways
HomeGrown HideAways is a non-profit, ecological design/build school.  The mission of the school is to educate and empower those who are interested in minimizing their ecological impacts through experiential workshops that promote energy efficiency using appropriate technologies.

These workshops would include topics such as building with energy efficient materials, creating and using natural paints and plasters, integration of renewable energy sources, as well as daily living courses such as creating non-toxic cleaners, xeriscaping, creating and using biofuels, and building and using solar ovens.

A key component of the educational programs will be the building workshops which will include designing and constructing several cabins on the facility grounds.  These will give workshop participants the opportunity for experiential learning as well as provide housing for students and visitors.

With a growing awareness of climate change, energy consumption, and the effects of environmental degradation, HomeGrown HideAways will offer an important contribution to the future of both the Appalachian region and the world at large.  Locally, Kentucky is one of the top states for coal extraction used to produce electricity.  By offering effective solutions for minimizing electricity consumption, this organization will serve to reduce: demand for energy, excessive carbon emissions, and personal utility bills.

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