Entrepreneurship for the Public Good

2011-2012 Fellows

Aung Soe Lin: Biology Research Intern at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN

Aung Soe was an undergraduate intern at Vanderbilt University for ten weeks through Aspirnaut Program. He performed research at Cell & Developmental Department, Vanderbilt University Medical Center. His principal investigator was Dr. Matthew John Tyska, Associate Professor of Cell & Developmental Biology. He worked closely with a PhD candidate who was his mentor, David Shifrin. Dr. Megan Hoffman served as his primary faculty sponsor and Dr. Peter Hackbert served as his secondary faculty sponsor.   His research was mainly focused on the investigation of a certain protein found in microvilli in the intestine which he assumed played a role in defensive mechanism against bacteria (E-coli) in the intestine.  He is majoring in cellular and molecular biology, currently enrolled in junior standing.


Haleigh Craig: Omni Visions Inc., Knoxville, TN

 During Haleigh’s Directed Field Experience with Entrepreneurship for the Public Good, she spent 10 weeks working at Omni Visions Inc a foster care placement organization. Under the supervision of Nichole Young, the Knoxville Regional Director, Haleigh did many of the tasks that would be performed by a Resource Coordinator. Dr. Elizabeth Walker served as Haleigh’s primary sponsor and Dr. Peter Hackbert served as Haleigh’s secondary sponsor. Haleigh is a senior at Berea College majoring in Child and Family Studies with a concentration in Family Studies and minoring in Health Education and Business Administration. During her time as an intern, she spent a great deal of time interacting with the kids and learning about the role of a resource coordinator as well as the company’s unique structure as a for profit agency in a field typically dominated by non-profits. During her presentation, she will discuss her learning and growth related to the EPG abilities while also sharing information about the company’s interesting set up.


Nikki Fischer: ArtReach at Lillstreet Art Center, Chicago, IL

 Nicole spent eight weeks out of her 2012 summer to intern at ArtReach at Lillstreet Art Center located in Chicago, IL. Nicole experienced working with a non-profit that was focused on providing art to under-served children and adults communities in Chicago, IL. As a visual art major, Nicole was able to work within an art community alongside professional artists and the people they serve. She worked actively to assist art teachers in the classroom and worked behind the scenes to further ArtReach’s mission through social media. From this experience Nicole was able to gain insight into the career possibilities available in the arts. Her primary sponsor was Dr. Peter Hackbert and Tim Glotzbach was her secondary sponsor. This internship was designed with the support of the Entrepreneurship for the Public Good program to aid in active learning outside of the classroom and into the career world. Nicole is a senior, concentrating in the ceramic arts, and will be discussing the six EPG abilities she engaged with during her DFE.


Rae Hartley: Red River Outdoors, Red River Gorge, KY

 Rae Hartley is a History and Education major in her Junior year at Berea College.  Looking to work in the field of outdoor and alternative education after graduation, Rae was lucky enough to have an internship in the adventure tourism industry in one of the world’s premier rock climbing destinations.   Rae spent her internship developing an outdoor education program for low-income high school students from Lee, Wolfe, Powell and Menifee counties in Kentucky and researching grants for her program, which will run in the summer of 2013.   While working with Matt and Amy Tackett at Red River Outdoors, she was able to learn technical rock climbing guiding skills, as well as route and trail development and maintenance, all whilst managing the marketing needs of their business.  When she wasn’t traipsing through the woods with a chainsaw, or teaching groups of kids how to climb safely, Rae was able to kayak, slackline, pump track and of course rock climb with her free time which enabled her to understand the desires and needs of adventure tourists.  Her presentation will cover an in-depth look at the challenges of working in the adventure tourism industry in the red river gorge.  Dr. Peter Hackbert was her primary faculty sponsor and Dr. Jon Saderholm was her secondary faculty sponsor.


Kelly Kusumoto: Appropriate Technologies Research Intern in Honduras

Unlike the typical EPG direct field experience, Kelly worked with three Berea students and two faculty members on researching the possibilities of implementing Appropriate Technologies in Honduras. The research was based on a model implemented by D-Lab, a program established at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The model was formed as a means to solve issues related to meeting basic survival needs, but with an emphasis on designing low-tech mechanisms that were maintainable by the community. This is achieved by utilizing resources readily available to them and working closely with community members to come up with solutions together. Dr. Gary Mahoney served as her primary sponsor and Dr. Peter Hackbert served as Kelly’s secondary sponsor. While in Honduras, orienting herself to the professional culture of the place, identifying the resources in the area, and the issues they faced was crucial to move the project forward. Kelly is currently a senior with an Independent Major in Ecological Architecture. Her presentation will unfold the journey through Honduras, and reveal the challenges and lessons learned from working in an underdeveloped country on a sustainable community development project. The research conducted in Honduras will lay the groundwork for the creation of a similar program to be implemented in Berea, in collaboration with the D-Lab program at MIT.


Rachael Mason: Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, Middlesboro, KY

Rachael Mason’s 2012 summer directed field experience transpired at the one and only Cumberland Gap National Historical Park in Middlesboro, KY. With the help of Dr. Peter Hackbert, her primary sponsor, and Dr. Michael Panciera, her secondary sponsor, Rachael created an internship that was dualistic. Her priority was to create, monitor, and manage the social media of the park. In this activity, Rachael was able to delve deep into the depths of social media marketing and how efficiently it is utilized by government agencies. Rachael also exercised her abilities in communication, engaging complexity and uncertainty, and storytelling by interacting with tourists and visitors. Nestled in the mountains of Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee, Rachael made promotional videos, interviewed tourists, and helped many a visitor engage with the local culture of Appalachia. A senior Agriculture and Natural Resources major, Rachael will be sharing stories about growth in the EPG program, learning under the umbrella of the National Park System, and the major outcomes of her DFE.


Codie Monhollen: Social Media Intern at Peaceful Valley Ranch, Lyons, CO

For ten weeks during the summer of 2012 Directed Field Experience. Senior Physical Education Major, Codie Monhollen interned in Lyons, Colorado with Peaceful Valley Ranch, a business focused on giving the general public the best of what Colorado has to offer, ranging from entertainment to the natural beauty of the Rockies. Codie is sponsored by Physical Education professor, Thomas Ambrose and EPG coordinator, Dr. Peter Hackbert, this internship focused on implementing a social media strategy for Peaceful and also the development of activities to be provided for guest. While interning with Peaceful Valley, Codie had the opportunity to improve upon the EPG abilities that were introduced during the first internship.


Houda Moutki, Marketing Intern at ConsultWebs, Berea, KY

For nine weeks in the summer 2012, Houda Moutki, a senior majoring in business marketing and management, worked at Consultwebs under the supervision of Tanner Jones and LeAnna Easterday. ConsultWebs is a law firm marketing company based in North Carolina, and ranked as the second best law firm marketing in the nation. Houda worked as a marketing and communication assistant and Dr.Hackbert served as her primary sponsor. Houda’s summer directed field experience helped her grow her knowledge about social media marketing, search engine optimization, modern communication, and aggressive marketing strategies. It has also developed her creativity skills and allowed her to continually apply and observe the application of the six EPG abilities. Houda has also worked closely with the social media department at ConsultWebs in order to develop a planned social media schedule and update her existing marketing knowledge. In her presentation, Houda will summarize her EPG abilities and share her learning.


Candace Mullins: Marketing Intern at Henderson Settlement, Frakes, KY

Completing her second summer with EPG, Candace Mullins served as a Marketing and Social Media intern for a community in South-Eastern Kentucky at Henderson Settlement. Candace worked on redesigning promotional materials and also created an 8 minute promotional video. Her time at Henderson Settlement allowed her to gain an understanding of the non-profit sector and how marketing enters that conversation. Candace’s sponsors were Dr. Peter Hackbert and Dr. Martie Kazura. Candace served in almost every aspect of outreach that Henderson Settlement provides for the community in order to truly understand the organization and how to being to understand marketing for it. Candace, now in her 4th year at Berea College, spent 10 weeks in the summer at her internship and gained (and built upon) valuable marketing and other skills, including mobilizing resources and facing complexity and uncertainty. Candace redesigned brochures and quarterly newsletters, updated website content, introduced social media campaign development with a presentation, introduced online sales for the crafts there, and began an e-portfolio. Candace will go through each of the areas she was able to address, and will outline each of the skills she gained in her time at Henderson Settlement during her DFE presentation.


Alicia Anderson: Communications Intern at WKYT Channel 27 News, Lexington, KY

Alicia Anderson, WKYT Channel 27 News, Lexington, KY For ten weeks during the summer of 2012 Directed Field Experience, Alicia became involved with WKYT News Station in Lexington, KY. Alicia is a Senior Communications major and was supervised by news director, Robert Thomas during her Directed Field Experience. Dr. Peter Hackbert served as a primary sponsor and Dr.Billy Wooten served as her secondary sponsor.  While working the reporter, producers, directors and staff of WKYT, Alicia had the opportunity to acquire a basic understanding of what takes place in the course of the news day to put the evening newscast on the air. Through knowledge acquired through research, she was able to identify the key roles of the decision-makers in the editorial process, conduct interviews that viewed on-air, gained skills in creating her own news package, learned the roles of various departments that exist within WKYT and shadowed news reporters as they prepare for their stories. While working with WKYT, Alicia was able to develop relationships with multiple news reporters and community partners within the Lexington community having knowledge that in this business, it is extremely important to network.


Luwam Amare: Nursing Intern at the Adult and Pediatric Medicine Clinic, Maryland

Luwam Amare’s 2012 summer internship experience was in Adult and Pediatric Medicine Clinic in Maryland. Dr. Peter Hackbert served as her primary sponsor and Prof. Teresa Villaran served her as secondary sponsor. This internship program enabled her to practice nursing skills in local communities, and build teamwork routine via creative atmospheres for innovation. Luwam, a nursing major, spent ten weeks working with pediatric and adult patients taking physical assessments, vital signs, giving immunizations, documenting, and reporting to superior nurses and doctors. She had the opportunity to go to different hospitals, like George Washington University Hospital to observe and reflect on different surgical procedures. Luwam also built a social media strategy that can be utilized by nursing students in their endeavors to become entrepreneurs in various medical fields. Luwam acquired a tremendous work and life experiences in her second summer with EPG, Entrepreneurship for the Public Good. Luwam will be presenting her adventurous internship experience by expanding on her acquired abilities on Sep. 19th. She will share her plans to utilize her new understanding of nursing practice in leadership. You are cordially invited to this presentation to see for yourself, learn and enjoy what a great future holds for a hardworking intern.


Sandra Tombe: Witness for Peace, Washington, D.C.

A Junior International Relations and French double major, Sandra Tombe spent her ten-week Direct Field Experience interning with Witness for Peace, a non-for-profit, grassroots organization that seeks to witness for peace by showing how United States foreign policy towards Latin America negatively impacts the continent’s politics and economy. Her primary advisor was Dr. Michael Berheide and her secondary advisor was Dr. Peter Hackbert. Interning with Witness for Peace allowed Sandra to obtain a better understanding of the complexity of U.S-Latin America relations and to learn about some of the struggles that Latin American countries face because of it. She had the opportunity to see this complexity unfold by travelling to Colombia and meeting with some indigenous and Afrocolombian communities. Although originally accepted at Witness for Peace as a grassroots intern, Sandra’s work ranged from calling Congress urging for support on key bills, to fundraising for the organization’s work in Honduras and Cuba, and to attending hearings on the Hill on Colombia’s human rights record. But, supervised by Witness for Peace’s Finance and Operations Manager, Mr. Paul Magno, Sandra also learned how to use programs such as Salesforce and Salsa. Witness for Peace has allowed Sandra to gain great appreciation for a part of the world about which she knew little before this summer. But as a witness because of what she has learned, she looks forward to sharing her experience with the Berea community.


Loreal Bell: Independent Documentary Project, Chicago, IL

With a passion for innovation and a desire to be unique in her internship, Loreal Bell worked independently with the guidance of mentors on filming a documentary of how women in mainstream Hip Hop are perceived by artists who are not in the limelight and how that affects the message women seen as underground artist are trying to relay. Some elements that will be seen in the documentary in addition to the rapping aspect of Hip Hop are break dancing and disc-jockeying. Dr. Peter Hackbert served as her primary sponsor while Dr. Gordon Gray served as her secondary sponsor. Loreal’s internship program allowed her to experience field work on a level beyond the liberal arts scope while still utilizing the skills and knowledge she learned prior to doing her project. Through her time filming and interviewing participants, Loreal learned how to face complexity and adversity head on, ultimately building up to a strong mental reflex that positively deals with difficulties that come with, as Dr Hackbert would say, “making things up.” Loreal, a Senior English and Communications double major spent 10 week interviewing, filming, and editing a pilot to an episodic series on Women in Hip Hop called Hip Hop Diaries. With the people she networked with during the internship, Loreal hopes that she can share her work beyond the realms of Berea College. Loreal will show a 10 minute clip that highlights the focus of the documentary and will be unveiling the final project at a later date.


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