Entrepreneurship for the Public Good

2006–2007 EPG Fellows


Nicholas Citizen ‘08
Business Administration Major
Atlanta, GA“With my energy drink by my side there was nothing that I could not do.”
Michael Cox ‘09
Political Science Major
Springfield, KY“The more I work at MACED, the more I understand just how important a ‘go-getter’ is to an organization. Even though I was nervous and somewhat insecure about a foreign workplace, I quickly saw that by using my own good judgment, I could save other workers precious time.”
Boha Esenov ‘08
Business Administration (Management) Major/Political Science Minor
Kyrgyzstan“It takes extensive interaction with kids to be able to develop adequate influence and emphasize my authority at the same time. These times really helped me explore many communication and connection skills.”
Samantha Franklin ‘09
Agriculture Major/Business Administration Minor
Liberty, KY“The work here is too important to be allowed to fall between the cracks of society. The longer I am here the more I realize just how lucky I am. I have also realized exactly to what extent the American people are ignorant of the poverty in our own front yard.”
Rosanna Green ‘08
Sociology Major
Morenci, MI“While chatting with the other interns I have realized how fortunate I am to have this program (EPG) behind me, not just because it is helpful for the internship, but because it is so supportive and gives the Fellows so much knowledge and experience.”
letisha Letisha Hemanes ‘09
Psychology Major/ Education Minor
Atlanta, GA“Then she told me how much I contributed to the program and to the session, and that it was automatically assumed that I was going to the graduation…”
Rabecca Hichilo ‘09
Economics Major
Zambia“It is because of the importance of the survey process in evaluating and communicating performance that I feel I do have an important contribution to make to MACED’s activities.”
Samuel Imagie ‘09
Business Administration Major/ Political Science Minor
Berea, KY“All in all, I have had a challenging and rewarding experience this summer as I have had to transition into a lot of different roles. I have also been stretched at times and that’s the most important part of this whole experience.”
salome Salome Kiwara ‘09
Art History Major/ French Minor
Kenya“Doing the right thing doesn’t always mean that everyone else agrees with your course of action or that you even feel good about it. It’s the hard part about leadership I suppose.”
Zackary Kocher ‘08
Communications Major
Kansas“I may not have found my career this summer, but I have seen selflessness firsthand and I have learned that passion cannot be found in the office, but can only be discovered in the heart.”
Stephanie Mathies ‘09
Dual Major: Business Administration (Accounting) & Economics
Liberia“I learned that the key elements of collaboration are communication and commitment. Good communication makes you more efficient and helps avoid mistakes. Commitment is also a key element of collaboration because if everyone is committed, the burden is not left on one person – thus causing the project to be more evenhanded as it incorporates several opinions.”
Thaddieus Thaddieus McCall ‘09
History Major
Atlanta, GA“We bond over mutual caring for the Hall of Fame and its success. Love for one another and love for what you do are one of the keys to a successful business. None of us are here because we stand to gain a lot from this place; we are here because we love it.”
Givenson Piard ‘08
Dual Major: Economics & Business Administration (Finance) / Spanish Minor
Haiti“It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me to be standing in front of a CEO and saying what he should or should not do. This really is what attracts me to the consulting field.”
Charla Ruble ‘08
Psychology Major/ Appalachian Studies Minor
Parkersburg, WV“I began to realize the importance of having an open mind, being willing to learn throughout your entire career, and never being afraid to ask for help.”
Janetta Shilling ‘08
Business Administration Major
Louisville, KY“It’s comforting to know that not only have I made a difference administratively, but also on a personal basis, with those I work with as well as the students.”
Etagegn Taddesse ‘09
Chemistry Major
Ethiopia“I was given chances to meet people in the field I am interested in and have done some networking which will be useful in my future career.”
Marina Thompson ‘08
Sociology Major/ Business Administration Minor
Fontana, CA and Knoxville, TN“Today I was encouraged even further to get through school to get to law school so that I could put a cushion between me and pitfalls that could so easily place me in a position that seems desperate and quite hopeless.”
Megan Torres ‘09
Stafford, VA“People say it is because I’m a perfectionist and I always think that I can do something better. That is true, but I also think that I’m taken aback at the idea that people see this type of behavior as above and beyond expectations when I feel that it is just what you are supposed to be doing.”
Rebecca Tucker ‘09
Math Major/ Political Science Minor
Somerset, KY“My most important experiences came while I was observing the Appalachian nonprofit world; how it connects person to person, how it creates a large circle of organizations and goals, and how it attempts to make collaborating possible so that similar objectives will be realized and made possible through group effort.”
Nina Yarbrough ‘09
Theatre Major
Cincinnati, OH“I love theatre so much more than I did before. Seeing how shows are put together on a professional level has only increased my appetite to be a professional.”

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