Employee Handbook

Employee Handbook

Berea College Employees:I am pleased to provide you with a revised and electronic version of the updated Berea College Employee Handbook. This document is intended to remain a “fluid” document so that future updates can be made quickly and easily.

Our new Handbook includes historical information, a formal welcome from the President, the College’s mission, as well as more workplace-practical matters such as pay, benefits, current insurance and leave data, and important policies. While this document contains some policies that apply to both faculty and staff, the Handbook applies only to non-faculty employees of the College. (Policies that pertain to faculty are also published in the Faculty Manual, which is also accessible online.)

All employees are asked to sign and return to People Services “Acknowledgment Forms” indicating that they have been provided with either the electronic version or a physical copy of the Handbook. Additional policies not included are currently under deliberation and will ultimately require governance action by the General Faculty. As policies are added or amended, electronic notices will be sent to employees and departments regarding those changes.

I hope you find the Handbook useful and welcome your comments or suggestions for improvement. (I already have several in mind but will have to wait to discuss those in the coming months with the Administrative Committee members.)


Carolyn Castle 
Director, People Services

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