Safety Committee


In the early fall of 1993, various members of the staff and administration who were directly involved with safety and health at the college formed a special interest group (Safety Committee) which set out to address the primary concerns and issues of safety compliance at the institution. During the first year of the group’s work, much focus was given to defining individual responsibilities, standardizing safety programs and assessing risk at the institution.

The Safety Committee was then confronted with the task of developing an institutional safety plan flexible enough to service the needs of the student labor program, college industries, facilities management, academia, student life, and all other applicable operations which were still ill-defined. Beginning in the summer of 1994 through the spring of 1995, in-house health and safety assessments continued across campus as the Safety Committee worked to modify and standardize the functionality of the existing safety programs and policies needed for Berea College.

In July of 1996, the Administrative Committee adopted a series of programs and policies for Berea College known as the Berea College Comprehensive Safety Plans that are required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and/or address safety issues determined by the Safety Committee.

Safety Committee Members

Virgil Burnside, Jr.
Director of Residential Life and Collegium

Carolyn Castle
Director of People Services

Andrea Conner
Health Services

Neil Douglas
Faculty Rep

Lavoyed Hudgins
Director of Public Safety

Leslie A. Kaylor
Director of Environmental Health and Safety
Chemical Hygiene Officer

Steven Karcher
Vice President for Operations and Sustainability

Mike Morris
Chairman of the Safety Committee;
Occupational Health and Safety Manager

Jeff Reed
Facilities Management Rep

Derrick Singleton
Associate VP of Operations and Sustainability