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Celebrating the Annual Bowman Cultural Trip

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James C. Bowman was a man of vision and determination. For many years, he journeyed along creek beds and over mountain tops into the narrow hollows of Appalachian Kentucky, North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee to bring students to Berea. Along the way from their homes in the mountains, Bowman arranged a stop for what was for most their first moving picture show. Today, his family honors James Bowman’s memory and legacy by providing the annual cultural trip for education students.

On Saturday, April 12 fourteen student teachers, their  friends, education faculty, and members of the Bowman family gathered in Knapp Hall to celebrate this year’s trip—four days in New York City. Student displays provided a look at their remarkable New York experiences. Whether it was attending Broadway plays, romping in Central Park, visiting art museums, Ellis Island, Times Square, or simply riding the subways, the students reported on rich learning experiences and excitedly talked about how this trip has deepened their understandings and broadened their visions for teaching and learning.


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