Marketing is a total system of business activities designed to plan, price, promote and distribute products and services that satisfy individuals’ and organizations’ wants and needs. It is more than sales. Marketing also involves research, brand and product management, advertising, promotion and public relations, retailing and sales management. Most businesses, as well as non-profit organizations, have jobs that require marketing skills.

Marketing requires excellent oral and written communication skills. Marketing people should be interested in staying informed about target markets as well as the general society. The ability to work well with a wide variety of people is important. Certain marketing jobs require advanced computer and statistical skills.

Concentration in Marketing

For students enrolling in the college Fall 2009 or later:

    • BUS 257 Consumer Behavior
    • BUS 367 Marketing Research
    • One (1) ECO or BUS course at the 200-level or above
    • One (1) of the following: TAD 180 Graphic Communication; COM 202 Mass Communications; ENG 280A Workshop for Professional Writing; other courses may also be identified subject to department approval.

For students enrolling in the college before Fall 2009:

    • BUS 357 Consumer Behavior
    • BUS 465 Strategic Marketing Management
    • BUS 367 Marketing Research
    • Two ECO or BUS courses at the 200-level or above

Courses recommended for the two additional departmental course(s):

    • BUS 324 Managerial Accounting
    • BUS 364 Productions and Operations Management

Other college courses that would be useful include:

    • PSY 100 General Psychology
    • PSY 308 Cognitive Psychology
    • PSY 309 Social Psychology
    • SOC 100 Sociology of Everyday Life
    • SOC 110 Problems in American Institutions
    • SOC 325 Gender and Sex Roles
    • ENG 208A Workshop in Professional Writing
    • COM 100 Introduction to Communication
    • COM 301 Small Group Communications
    • COM 202 Mass Communication
    • COM 203 Persuasion

All marketing classes will help you achieve general departmental goals, particularly critical thinking, decision making, development of communication skills, connection of learning within the major and between the major and your experiences beyond the college. Because of the subject area, all marketing courses also consider ethical issues. Quantitative and technological skills are specifically addressed in Marketing Research.